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2 super young new trainees

Written by lastplace1414 at 01:19 2/9-2018

  I found Burton as an F5 last week, but when I saw Sporleda for a reasonable price on the transfer forum, I couldn't resist. Because Sporleda is so versatile, my strategy for his training will come from the results of Burton's training.
  Name: Grant Burton
  Team: USA
  Age: 21 years
  Birthday: Day 60
  Average Skill: 31
  CL: Small
  DH: Good
  HL: Good
  SP: Incredible
  FR: Small
  CB: None
  TT: Average
  TQ: None
  Name: Estevon Sporleda
  Team: Spain
  Age: 21 years
  Birthday: Day 72
  Average Skill: 31
  CL: Very good
  DH: Average
  HL: Small
  SP: Very good
  FR: Small
  CB: Small
  TT: None
  TQ: Average


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This should have been a win lol

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WT DH Race

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lastplace1414 at 01:52 25/9-2018
  Update: 97 SP :D

AnnoDomini at 15:33 2/9-2018
  Makes sense!

lastplace1414 at 13:53 2/9-2018
  If later*
  In the case of Burton, if ends up not having enough points to max HL/SP/FR, that likely points me toward focusing on Sporleda's climbing skills, as that fits my team model best. But if Burton is a monster, I'll need to convert my team to support him, so Sporleda would become most useful as a leadout or maybe even a hybrid CL/SP.

lastplace1414 at 13:48 2/9-2018
  It's going to depend how I'm feeling about Burton. Realistically, when training Sporleda, I'm assuming he's not going to face a dream max AV and get to max everything, so the question is how he'll be the most useful teammate, then if last I'm wrong and he's a monster, terrific!

AnnoDomini at 13:29 2/9-2018
  I never know what to do with such riders like Sporleda. How will you train him? Cl-Dh-SP? Or Sp-TQ-FR?

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