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A solid talent pull

Written by lastplace1414 at 02:19 18/11-2017

  A new talent is ready for you.
  Van Abrams
   Nation: USA
  Age: 21 years
  Birthday: Day 25
  Experience: Level 1
  This action costs 40.000 $.
  CL: None (31)
  DH: None (28)
  HL: None (32)
  SP: None (38)
  FR: None (32)
  CB: None (26)
  TT: None (28)
  TQ: None (25)
  CL: None
  DH: Small
  HL: None
  SP: Average
  FR: Good
  CB: Small
  TT: Good
  TQ: Very good


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A solid talent pull

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lastplace1414 at 20:31 18/11-2017
  Lol. Yep. If he name was Mike Smith he would not get any consideration, but as you know I don't overvalue winning or prosperity on this game, so I'd be remiss not to train a rider whose namesakes combined for 60ppg, 19rpg, and 19apg last season.

Super Velo at 20:13 18/11-2017
  That sounds like a good plan. Myself, I think I would prefer to train Van Abrams rather than a Lebron (Anybody) mainly because I'm not all that much of a lebron named anybody fan, especially not the Lebron you seem to be referring to I think.. Good luck with it though.

lastplace1414 at 16:49 18/11-2017
  I think he's ideally suited as a leadout in a train that uses each role. He could also sprint footer himself in lower levels, ditto with TT.
  He doesn't fit my team's composition so I plan to sell and use the training money for the hilariously named LeBron Westbrook.

Cokol Breakaway Team at 15:23 18/11-2017
  Sorry Chili, I am with Bubba here. There are more "all around" TT races (8-8-8 or so FR-TQ-TT) in div 1 than any other division. What if he maxes at 71 TT? Still, a decent talent - g'luck, Brian!

Team Chili at 10:08 18/11-2017
  Look closely at the races, there seems a place for this guy.

Super Velo at 05:26 18/11-2017
  Don't you just hate it when a talent has real good potentials only to see them in the wrong places. This guy could have been a killer TT only if that VG on TQ was switched with one of the goods. Sad... Very sad. I feel bad for you. :(

Rigana at 03:04 18/11-2017
  Very nice.

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