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YST Race News Show - Ed. 1

Written by Yuri SuperTeam at 09:12 1/7-2019

  Hello everyone,
  And welcome to the first ever “YST Race News Show”!
  During this series, we’ll go through each race we’ve participated in the last 7 days while at the same time we’ll prepare you to what’s to come in the next 7. We’ve got inspired by a similar Show in something called “RL” and so we decided to try to justify Guido’s salary by making him post more articles.
  So here we go, hope you guys enjoy it!
  Day 37 – Lérida - Barcelona
  As expected, the arrival of Alípio to our team allowed us more freedom of tactics and a bigger chance of success for the team on each sprinting race. During this specific period between Volta ao Porto and the Vuelta de los Castillos, one of the biggest challenges was the double Poznan - Zielona Góra – Wroclaw and Lérida – Barcelona. We wanted to be on both races, but we knew the same rider couldn´t be racing both without jeopardizing his DP.
  The decision was to race Hermenegildo on the hillier Polish race getting a somewhat successful 9th place while Alípio would race to Barcelona with Justino and Cássio as his stronger LOs.
  Alípio didn´t feel bad the whole day and he can thank Germano for his good positioning on the last 2 km, while Cássio lead him out in perfect position right behind the Dutch squad of Jonas Pro Cycling. Leonid Gribov (Jonas PC) quickly open the sprint with 300 meters to go and when Alípio tried to pass through, Yorie Ekelhoff (Drapeau Noir) closed the door leaving not much space for Alípio to handle.
  In the end Alípio was 4th on the day. This was the best result for the team since Guilherme Rios took the win home back in Season 21.
  Day 38 - Devil´s Tour of Tasmania
  After our home cobbled race Vila Real – Cumieira, the cobble team head into Australia to a recovery race just to boost RS for the more peaceful days to come. The team´s preparing the double classic Antwerpen – Huy and Astana GP in the coming month. Thankfully, the team had a peaceful day with no falls or mechanicals.
  Day 39 - Moscow Red Square TT
  On his last preparation race before his Top Form, Hermano head into Russia, a Country most beloved by our team, to fight for the win in Moscow. Despite his normal day with no problems during the route, Hermano wasn’t strong enough to get the best out of teams like PEKAC B, Bywater CT and Jonas Pro Cycling who managed to get 2 riders in front of him.
  Hermano came home on 8th place and he will now rest before heading into Japan for the Osaka TT where he is expected to perform much better. Fingers crossed.
  Day 41 to day 44 - Vuelta de los Castillos (ongoing)
  Our 3rd Tour of the Season doesn’t bring many big expectations. We took our best sprinting team to fight for Stages 1, 3 and 5. While Stage 5 is still to come (and probably to Hermenegildo), Stages 1 and 3 didn’t bring the success we were looking for. Stage 1 with the arrival to Castillo de Sagunto didn’t allow Alípio to show his sprinting abilities. The narrow roads were complicated for the team to handle and he got closed finishing the day on a modest 9th place. Stage 5 was even worse. Everything went wrong the whole day. Alìpio never felt good, got a mechanical and even started to vomit just before the start. This meant he wasn’t strong enough for the sprint battle, finish on a very poor 13th place.
  That’s all for this week. Don’t miss out the next edition where we’ll analyze the end on the Vuelta de los Castillos, the Osaka TT with huge expectations to Hermano Montenegro and we’ll also review the double Trofeo Ciudad Fernandina de Vigan and Bastogne – Hasselt during the classic’s preparations from the cobble team.
  Hope you guys liked it!
  Stay tuned for next week’s edition!
  Guido Tomé,
  PR Manager


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