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Germany Tour Ed. 43 - Here we go!

Written by Yuri SuperTeam at 13:46 30/4-2018

  Hello everyone,
  Today we can announce that we'll be racing this Season's Germany Tour! This was the biggest goal of the season and Henry has been preparing himself for it for the last complete season. Supporting him we'll have our reliable Norwegian Økland, our young duo Jordão and Clementino and our 2 powerhouses Montenegro and Lourenço!
  Yuri SuperTeam Germany Tour squad:
  Ivory Coast Oluwasegun Henry
  Norway Raymond Økland
  Portugal Hermenegildo Jordão
  Portugal Justino Clementino
  Portugal Hermano Montenegro
  Brazil Adônis Lourenço
  Henry will be on TF on the prime of his 29 years of age with a supporting team whose TS has been carefully nursed by not making any transfer and taking care of all injuries (latest injury was around 30 days ago so we expect our TS to improve even further). All this will mean nothing if Henry has some off days who can damage his chances.
  As usual, the Tour will be filled of the best riders in OCM and our rivals will do everything they can to spoil our party. Here is a list of biggest contenders to the Sprint Classification:
  France Fissa - France Michel Millet
  Denmark Jonas Pro Cycling - Bermuda Drew Pancoast (TF)
  italy mapei bianchi - italy Pascual Mancuso (TF)
  Sweden MOVISTAR KELME TEAM - Netherlands Ewoud Geurtsen (TF)
  Netherlands Pelles Gazelles - New Zealand Ruru Leonard
  England Spin Doctors - England Kirby Abner (TF)
  Belgium Tomba - Guatemala Ismael Insulza (TF)
  Good luck everyone and let the games begin!
  Guido Tomé,
  PR Manager


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Yuri SuperTeam at 15:44 4/5-2018
  And now with 24h to go the TFs confirms! Will be extremely hard for everyone!

Spin Doctors at 20:50 1/5-2018
  I think you can remove one TF - Millet raced on Monday so I think will start with 88 DP. That still makes 6 in total though! It should be a good competition...

PEKAC B at 15:21 30/4-2018
  Good luck! Very tough competition for SC.
  I still did not have time to check the GC competitors but I assume it won´b an easy job for Farruco either.

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