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S36 in numbers

Written by Yuri SuperTeam at 17:26 2/6-2016

  - Racing:
  Number of races/stages: 62
  Fighting for the win: 51 (82.3%)
  AV result: 10.69
  Daily form:
  Bad: 22%
  Normal: 62%
  Good: 9%
  V. Good: 7%
  Mechanical/Fall/started injured: 14%
  Most stages/races: Sebastião Cesário (42)
  Most times leader: Sebastião Cesário (17x)
  Best performance: Kai Jonkman (7th AV finish)
  Riders daily form (best in %):
  Most times bad: Qasim Kamal - 47% (9 out of 19)
  Most times normal: Kristoffer Skog - 100% (5 out of 5)
  Most times good: Aquilino Poças - 20% (2 out of 10)
  Most times v. good: Garibaldo Medina - 20% (2 out of 10)
  Most times mechanical/fall/started injured: Eduardo Veloso - 27% (4 out of 15)
  - Economy:
  TOTAL – 806.2k
  Transfer: 414k (51%)
  Racing: 248k (31%)
  Job: 95k (12%)
  Merchandise: 49.2k (6%)
  TOTAL - 1.475.6k
  Transfer: 1.340k (91%)
  Equipment: 75.6k (5%)
  Training: 60k (4%)
  Riders earnings-spendings:
  Portugal Sebastião Cesário - 83k
  France Perceval Lasalle - 66k
  Russia Yevstigney Zarubin - 25k
  Portugal Aldo Guterres - 18k
  Netherlands Rien van der Sar - 15,5k
  Portugal Humberto Veiga - 13,5k
  Portugal Óscar Peralta - 12,5k
  United Arab Emirates Qasim Kamal - 10k
  Portugal Aquilino Poças - 8,5k
  Portugal Garibaldo Medina - 7k
  Portugal Jerónimo Linhares - 7k
  Netherlands Kai Jonkman - 7k
  Russia Patya Gordeyeva - 4,5k
  Norway Kristoffer Skog - 2,5k
  Scotland Doddie Holyrood - 1,5k
  Portugal Eduardo Veloso - 1,5k
  England Barney Lord - 0k
  USA Coby Witherspoon - 0k
  Liechtenstein Frantz Katzenschlager - 0k
  note: Transfers not included.
   - Transfers:
  Portugal Sebastião Cesário from Andeby for 900k (day 4) *
  Scotland Doddie Holyrood from Team EksilFR for 160k (day 34) **
  England Aubrey Vaden from johny2 for 280k (day 89) **
  Scotland Doddie Holyrood to Team EksilFR for 170k (day 3) **
  Norway Kristoffer Skog to Opium Fueled for 64k (day 14)
  Scotland Doddie Holyrood to old town racing club for 180k (day 89)
   *- Part of a deal
  **- Part of a loan


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Yuri SuperTeam at 09:19 3/6-2016
  Me? Pff, no never.... Most of his races were on Tours (he rode 4). That's why it is such a big number :)

1 2 Cycle at 09:17 3/6-2016
  Interesting statistisch! Guess you are XP doping Cesário ;)

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