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World Communism Team: Season 52 Part II

Written by World Communism Team at 09:52 24/3-2020

  This new stretch of the season started poorly, as on Day 21, ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie had a poor showing in France Nantes - Cholet, and got obliterated by the field of favourites.
  And zambia Yoweri Ayesu had another very disappointing run in the Cesko-Slovensky Pohar cup. The chairman of World Communism Team was only hoping for a top 10 finish in stage 2, but Yoweri Ayesu landed well short of this with a 15th place on that stage, with not one, not two, but three of his support rider having off days on that race. All this while local man czech republic Marián Rous of finland Moose Machines easily dominated the first two stages and took a comfortable win in his home cup.
  Yoweri Ayesu also consistently disappointed in Norway Elverum Grand Prix and in japan Goto Heaven Race.
  There was hope for Yoweri Ayesu to rebound from this on African home soil, in all-rounder race Egypt Beni Suef on the banks of the Nile River, and this race did indeed go much better than the previous ones. But this was not enough, and World Communism Team’s captain finished at a most frustrating 10th place. Mere inches away from an OCM point that would have ended the team’s long dry spell.
  This section of the season concluded with nicaragua Festival de Jinotega on the mountainous coffee fields of the Department of Jinotega. World Communism Team had lined up its best possible Hills-Climb squad, spearheaded by ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie.
  The team even had some hope to achieve a season objective and reach a podium in that race. However, the string of bad luck was not to end on that day, and Addis Gebreselassie, as well as main helper south Africa Xolani Lamola both got off days and the captain could not even register a top 9 to salvage a point.
  This made it a full 38 consecutive days without scoring a single point, making it safe to say that season 52 thus far has been an overall disaster as we near the midway point.
  The poor showing of the team during that period is to be put on the account of bad luck, with the riders having been plagued with countless off days and mechanicals since the start of this very cold run.
  However, the team of the proletariat remains positive and the season objectives stay in place, as a little bit more than half a season remains to be raced.


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World Communism Team: Season 52 Part II

  This new stretch of the season started poorly, as on Day 21, Addis Gebreselassie had a poor showing in Nantes - Cholet, and got obliterated by the field of fa...


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USA Postal Services at 16:28 27/3-2020
  Welcome to my world... actually I'm leaving that path of results, plus team still not ready for some challenge.

Vegemight at 14:57 24/3-2020
  Hope things get better comrade.

World Communism Team at 13:16 24/3-2020
  Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone. We shall pull through this and our luck will turn. While the immediate results are terrible, the medium and long term plans for the team remain unchanged and are already well in motion. We are in this for the long run.

Canadian Nippon at 12:21 24/3-2020
  Everyone has these patches but as long as you have a plan and stay the course it should all work out in the end. Stay positive.

Holwerda Cycling at 11:29 24/3-2020
  Stay positive!

Team Belfius at 09:57 24/3-2020
  The hard struggle of continuously striking bad luck in a row - that's the hard life of Cycling Sim! Good luck man

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