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World Communism Team: Season 52 Part I

Written by World Communism Team at 08:06 5/3-2020

  Season 52 started off on a very high note for World Communism Team, as on day 1 and day 2 of the season, the team was entered into two races that chairman uMaliyasi had set his eye on, in and around Africa, the home ground of the team.
  Both these races were considered good opportunities for the team to have a first crack at one of the season objectives, to win a division 7 race.
  On Day 1 was comoros Les Collines de Grande Comore in the Indian Ocean Archipelago off the coast of East Africa. Where the team was counting on our power on the steep hills to make an impact.
  And on Day 2 was somalia Geeska Afrika Grapple, back on the mainland, in the Horn of Africa. An overnight transfer, involving crossing a strait of ocean well known for the high prevalence of piracy. But which went without incident. In this race the team hoped that the undulating route would give us a chance to beat the cobblers and be in contention for the win.
  As the profiles of these races were a better fit for him, ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie was picked as the captain for these occasions. A strategy that had proved effective on various occasions during season 51.
  In both these races, the team was confident to be able to place Addis Gebreselassie on the podium and was hoping to make good contests for the wins. The rider was very well prepared entering this string of races, with high DP and RS, and was only missing Top Form to be at his very best.
  On Day 1 we came extremely close to achieving this season objective, as Addis Gebreselassie placed second in Les Collines de Grande Comore after having a great race, only beaten by promising youngster netherlands Matthijs Zorge of norway Team Arctic.
  Day 2 did not go as good, as Addis Gebreselassie crashed in Geeska Afrika Grapple on one of the ill-maintained cobbled sections and could not get back into the leading group. Annihilating his chances of winning the race. However, teammate comrade south africa Xolani Lamola was able to step up and come home in 7th place, therefore salvaging some OCM points and prize money for World Communism Team.
  While young super cobbler portugal Simeão Leme of team portugal zaga took the win, Hills Sprinter venezuela Alan Dunga of venezuela Team Tachira came in second, and Hills Climber spain Criston Zubeldia of portugal Migalhas completed the podium.
  Following these two races, the entire team went on race breaks and jobs, while captain zambia Yoweri Ayesu went on a training camp. The team later toured Western Europe, entering netherlands Landgraaf in Limburg for the second consecutive season, with Addis Gebreselassie again as the main man. And entering Austria Zirl - Telfs in the Alps, without a regular captain, in an attempt at a breakaway win, and to give a chance to usual teammate comrades to race freely and have a chance at glory.
  The team could not register a good finish in either race, and Addis Gebreselassie could disappointingly not repeat the Xolani Lamola performance of season 51 and score points in Landgraaf.
  Same went as the team made its way to the Irish Sea and entered another insular race in isle of man New Race of Man and the team also could not score with Addis Gebreselassie getting a frustrating 11th place.
  In both Landgraaf and New Race of Man, fellow South African south Africa Gifford Davey of south Africa Team Watchers took convincing victories. Losing to this rider is becoming a habit for World Communism Team, as this had already happened in races back in Season 51.
  The first big outing of the season for captain zambia Yoweri Ayesu was Race Five in the Bahamas Bahamas, but this went catastrophically bad as off days, mechanicals, and crashes made for a terrible day for the whole squad and the team got nowhere near the top 10.
  Bad news piled up after this race, as immediately after, it turned out that Yoweri Ayesu maxed out at a very modest 44 AV. Which will give the team a lot to think about for the future.
  The following Australia Atherton Race was approached as a breakaway race for teammates to gain race training and get a race for themselves to work on their team spirit. To be noted that this race was won by Malian rider mali Kwadwo Kessié of the mali Mali Mountain Men.
  At this point in time ethiopia Addis Gebreselassie is now preparing for France Nantes - Cholet, while zambia Yoweri Ayesu prepares for the Cesko-Slovensky Pohar where he will have hopes to score some points, especially on Stage 2.


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World Communism Team at 23:25 18/3-2020
  Right, this is very true, also division hopping adds onto that, the moment I have a string of good results I promote, and things get much tougher.

Canadian Nippon at 22:02 18/3-2020
  Nice start to the season but fading a bit. Sadly the normal aspect of the game as I tend to also have hot runs followed by weeks of cold or very cold runs.

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