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World Communism Team: A bittersweet result

Written by World Communism Team at 12:16 19/1-2020

  For immediate release.
  As a team in Division 7 with Hills racing in its area of focus, Denmark Denmark race Rundt om Vejle was an important moment in the season.
  Last season the team entered the race but was largely beaten and was unable to secure a point scoring top 9 finish. This season World Communism Team had approached this race in much better condition and was a lot more prepared.
  Given the specific profile of the course, with many short but very steep hills and a few longer climbs, but with very little challenge on the downhill, a tactical decision was made to line up usual Hill Helper Addis Gebreselassie as a captain for the day, as the race was tailor made for him.
  And usual captain Xolani Lamola was appointed to assist on the hills as a teammate for this race.
  After sign-up had closed and the full field of riders was known, the management of World Communism Team assessed that the team had its chances at a podium result, and it was not completely unthinkable for Addis Gebreselassie to be a solid outsider for the win.
  On the day of the race, things did not exactly play out in favour of the team, Xolani Lamola who was expected to do the heavy lifting and guide Addis Gebreselassie on the hills, had an off day and was unable to be of support, Oluwayemisi Condeh was also dropped after not one, but two successive mechanical problems. And Sostenes Vadher took a heavy fall early in the race and sustained an injury that caused him to also trail behind.
  Day captain Addis Gebreselassie found himself with almost no teammates left to support him when he also suffered from a mechanical and had to stop on the side of the Danish country roads. Only Isa Ilubala was left to help bring the captain back in the main bunch, and Addis Gebreselassie had to expand quite a bit of energy for himself to catch up.
  Nevertheless, he managed to get back, but did not have enough energy left to be able to respond to the late attacks by the other favourites in the final dash.
  He finished the race in 4th position, just shy of the podium.
  While team taxde was able to record a 1st and 2nd place double by veteran riders Channing Stinchfield and Jim Tailleur. And Robbie Warneke of ThomasNMillie took 3rd to complete the podium.
  This means that World Communism Team once again misses out on its first Division 7 official result, and the chase for this elusive achievement continues.
  However, chairman uMaliyasi had to salute the courage and heroics of comrade Addis Gebreselassie who managed to hold on to a 4th place, in extremely adverse conditions and with almost no team left to support him. And brought the team much needed prize money and OCM points to secure our place in Division 7 cycling for a bit longer.
  For a rider who is not a regular captain, this has to be considered and appreciated.


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