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Velosipedska News #16 - Goodbyes and Welcomes

Written by Velosipedska at 11:09 6/12-2020

  Greetings to fans, press and other readers. The team has been rebuilt and there’s a lot to write about. We will say goodbye to some team legends and welcome a few new faces. Let’s get to it.
  ---TEAM NEWS---
  Velosipedska is now a dedicated climbing team. We’ve purchased most equipment needed to participate in the upper echelons of racing, but we are still looking for nice bikes, wheels and group sets so our riders don’t have to ride their own bikes anymore. After the first month, no large purchases have been added.
  Summary of our economic position in S55:
   Starting Balance: 352,117
   Funding: 0,00
   Rider Sales: 966,2561
   Prize Money: 2,500
   Jobs: 24,500
   Sponsors: 81,000
   Merchandise: 13,530
   Team Upgrades: 48,000
   Supplies: 12,100
   Staff: 225,000
   Scouting: 0,00
   Rider Hires: 397,063
   Training: 222,750
   Net Balance
  ---RIDER NEWS---
  The rider news section will discuss a few amazing riders that left the team following the reorganisation:
  Cedomir Ivanov rode 98 races for our team, getting 1 result and a few top 9’s along the way, mostly in time trials. The team made close to 300k in races with Ivanov. He was an experienced road captain for our team, who’s now found a place at Gewoon Rechtdoor, we are sure he’ll be just as valuable for them.
  Riste Sakiri rode 59 races for the team and was a great teammate and water carrier, who got a single top 9 in his Velosipedska career. Riste was especially helpful as ambassador, making 32k for the team in jobs. He decided to retire from professional cycling and return to the amateur scene in Macedonia. Riste was one of our founding members, and he’ll be welcome to join team practises any time.
  Mirsad Bajrami rode 56 races for the team and got 4 top 9’s out of it himself. He has also been great outside of racing, making 43k in jobbing money for Velosipedska. He will be joining Riste Sakiri in retirement from the pro scene, and as another founding member he will also be welcome here anytime.
  Borislav Velovski rode 94 races for Velosipedska, and is one of 3 riders that found a spot at ABK. He didn’t truly succeed as a TT’er. But helped out his team pushing hard on the flats, with 1 top 9 gained for himself.
  Vladimir Gavalovski made 40 appearances for the team, with the first stage of last season’s Oryx tour being his main succes. Gava was a worthy secondary sprint captain in the absence of Aksentiev, raking in 70 points in a single season. We are sure his new team (ABK) will cherish him.
  Nderim Bogatinov rode in 58 races, mainly as a lead oud sprinter. Not quite fast enough to beat the rest, he happily worked for others, and he will continue supporting Gava at ABK. Nderim got a single top 9 whilst at Velosipedska, the team made 120k in races where he participated.
  Metodija Aksentiev rode 57 races for us, mostly as our main sprint captain. Metodija gained over 500 points and 120k for the team. He also won 3 races and totaled 25 top 9’s or better. Metodija has found a home at Albiceleste, where we are sure he’ll perform incredibly.
  We are grateful to all our teammates. They helped to build this team and we will never forget their contribution. Velosipedska will continue as a climbing team, but perhaps we will have the means to support another squad when we’ve grown. Good luck to all Macedonians at their new homes and in their respective divisions! On to our new signings:
  Nikola Shaqiri joined Velosipedska’s training program near the end of last season and just finished that program. He will be a support rider in our team, and has already made 8 appearances. He will also be valuable in our U21-team.
  Jovan Georgievski is our main addition this season, coming from Maglia Nera. He’s one of the finest climbers in the world, and especially in Macedonia. He will spearhead our U21 and YC endeavours, and support Riste in other races. Velosipedska are excited to see the best climbers in the country combined in this team.
  Dragi Stavrevski is another climber that joined the best local climbing team. Alpinisti na Ohrid allowed him to join us, replacing Gjorgi Beqiri when he retires. Dragi is experienced and a few years younger than Gjorgi. We hope he will be as important as a road captain for us.
  Blagojce Mojsov is the brother of one of the board members and has joined the team after a generous contribution from his family to our coffers. Blagojce is perfect for our team and will be handling the water bottles and performing various activities outside of racing.
  We welcome all riders to our team. Good luck, let’s bring in those points!
  Lastly, Eftim Nastevski has almost finished the training program after starting it almost 60 days ago. He will be doing some hill and technical training sessions, but we expect him to graduate from the Velosipedska academy soon. Eftim is a perfect teammate with his pure power on the flats, but he could also be a great man for the breakaways and tough allround races.
  ---RACE NEWS---
  There’s not too much race news yet, since the team has used the first races of the season to build form and team spirit. There are no big classics, tours or cups coming up in the near future, but we will discuss more goals in the next post. Besides, the rider news part was long enough.
  Kind regards and thanks for reading,
  KrMees (Manager)
  Vujadin Mileski (PR)


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paceuts at 21:55 8/12-2020
  Great read. You're putting together quite a team!

ArxhangiiliPoznyakax at 17:34 6/12-2020
  send me the CV of your accountant.

Velosipedska at 16:39 6/12-2020
  Thanks for the replies! Here's the (close to) complete data for the riders we had to sell:
  Of course things like top form ready and TS are irrelevant now.

ArxhangiiliPoznyakax at 16:34 6/12-2020
  Very nice twist ) good luck

Vaduz at 11:18 6/12-2020
  Good luck as a climbing team!

Lokomotíva Zvolen at 11:18 6/12-2020
  This is now a serious tour team, congrats. Although a better role distribution would be welcomed, as you have a DH guide and a wind breaker in the same person for example. But I understand you work with what is available.
  Rider Sales: 966,251 O_O
  BTW your team statistics management is unbelievable.

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