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Velosipedska News #14 - Approaching Fast on Wheels

Written by Velosipedska at 13:55 27/10-2020

  Greetings to fans, press and other readers. This press release will cover Velosipedsla’s exploits in the Odyssey of the Oryx and Tian-Shen Stone City Cup, and our plans for the Danish Fast On Wheels tour. Let’s get right to it.
  ---TEAM NEWS---
  Äme Anderberg has offered Velosipedska a sponsorship worth 24k. Velosipedska gladly accepts this opportunity, since the collaboration with Easy On Health Products has just ended. We welcome our new partners! Apart from that there isn’t much new on the management side of the team.
  Summary of our economic position this season:
   Starting Balance: 199,144
   Funding: 20,000
   Rider Sales: 126,220
   Prize Money: 124,000
   Jobs: 75,000
   Sponsors: 198,000
   Merchandise: 12,796
   Team Upgrades: 25,000
   Supplies: 24,000
   Staff: 60,000
   Scouting: 13,000
   Rider Hires: 73,721
   Training: 429,000
   Net Balance
  ---RIDER NEWS---
  Some good news in the rider segment today. Jordan Spirkoski has fully recovered from his injury and will race in the Danish Fast on Wheels tour to build form towards next season. Riste Nikolovski, on the other hand, has just announced a little break to recover from a long season. He will be back to ride alongside Jordan next season.
  A small milestone:Nderim Bogatinov will be the first rider to be signed after our first season to reach 50 appearances for the team. His 50th race is set to be stage 2 in Fast on Wheels.
  ---RACE NEWS---
  Our main race news will of course cover the Odyssey of the Oryx. Velosipedska had their best Oryx ever in terms of points and prize money. We managed a top 9 spot in every stage, with 3 different riders.
  Vladimir Gavalovski followed in the footsteps of teammate Metodija Aksentiev to win stage 1. This is the first time this stage has been won by the same team 2 years in a row. Gavalovski is the 4th race winner of Velosipedska and the 2d tour stage winner.
  Cedomir Ivanov managed to grab 8th in the TT, 1 spot higher than the 9th place he achieved the first time Velosipedska raced in Namibia. It’s his 6th top 9 or better for the team. despite usually racing in support of his teammates.
  Riste Nikolovski was the main man this Oryx for our team and he delivered with a 2d, 3d, 5th and 8th place in 4 stages. His 5th place in GC is 3 spots higher than when he won the YC in S52. Riste’s top form netted Velosipedska 132 points, giving us a solid spot in division 5.
  Nikolovski continued his form with a victory at The Kirkjubøur Race. Riste won the Oryx YC before, but this was the first time Riste actually crossed the finish line first. After that, an off day at Giro di Vallo della Lucania (12th) was followed by a solid 2d place at Juiz de Fora - Nova Friburgo. Now Riste is enjoying a well-deserved rest.
  The Tian-Shen Stone City Cup was meant to be a learning affair for the team, and it turned out to be just that. Velosipedska couldn’t quite get the sprint train to work after some mechanical issues and unfortunate crashes. Luckily, Metodija Aksentiev saved the day with a podium place (3d) in the last stage. Metodija tried his luck in the final kilometer and finished ahead of a reduced bunch. It’s his first non-sprinting result.
  Lastly, we are glad to announce our second participation in Fast On Wheels. Last year the squad was plagued by mechanicals and off days, but this year we plan to join with Aksentiev in top condition. The team is also stronger than last year, both in terms of riders and in terms of staff/equipment. These are the 6 Macedonians who will race in Denmark next friday:
  Metodija Aksentiev Sprint Captain, will go for stage wins and perhaps a SC spot.
  Borislav Velovski Lead out pacer or wind breaker.
  Cedomir Ivanov Lead out and road captain, only rider to have participated in every Tour and Cup the team has raced.
  Nderim Bogatinov Lead out sprinter. Will try to slingshot Metodija to victory.
  Vladimir Gavalovski Technical lead out. Will guide Metodija through tricky corners and dense pelotons.
  Jordan Spirkoski Hill helper and lead out. Will help Metodija get through tougher terrain. Also here to build form towards his own goals.
  We hope to improve on the abysmal FoW we had last season, hopefully we will see plenty of Macedonian fans cheering us on over there in Denmark!
  Kind regards and thanks for reading,
  KrMees (Manager)
  Vujadin Mileski (PR)


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Silenzio at 19:11 27/10-2020
  Aksentiev the man to beat in Denmark :) Good luck!
  Impressive season so far!

Velosipedska at 16:57 27/10-2020
  Thanks for the replies, let's hope we can live up to the expectations ;)

Lokomotíva Zvolen at 16:06 27/10-2020
  Aksentiev looks great indeed!

Universal Soup at 15:20 27/10-2020
  nice riders, good luck in FoW!

Navarone Cycling Team at 14:04 27/10-2020
  Haven't checked the field, but Aksentiev could be well positioned to compete for the SC indeed. With proper tactics and the occasional water carrier, plus the raw power from Aksentiev, I could see you doing well there.

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