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Velosipedska News #5 - Season 52 Review

Written by Velosipedska at 16:02 12/5-2020

  Greetings to fans, press and other readers. The end of the season is upon us, and with it the start of season 53. Most riders have been on break for the last few days, but with a lack of racing news we still have reason to send out a newsletter to review our first season as a cycling team.
  ---TEAM NEWS---
  The team would like to take this moment to thank every supporter for their enthusiasm. Without Macedonian flags at the roadside racing would be a lot less fun! We also want to thank our colleagues in the cycling world, who have been welcoming and supporting us in a competitive environment. We are looking forward to competing against you all and wish you good luck in the next season.
  We are glad to announce that our financial position is stable, a luxury in cycling. The Macedonian government supported our efforts to inspire people. Velosipedska thanks the government for its support. Apart from the state several companies have chosen our team to showcase their brand. We especially like to thank season 52 main sponsors Place Brothers Inc. and Pasta Soul Food Deliveries, who have accounted for $ 120,000 in sponsor income.
  For the next season we have been approached by Oryx Outdoor Gear, who saw our exploits at the Odyssey of the Oryx and offered us a deal worth $ 300,000. Our partnership will be finalised somewhere in the next 2 weeks.
  Summary of our final economic position this season:
   Funding: 170,000
   Rider Sales: 158,183
   Prize Money: 153,500
   Jobs: 92,000
   Sponsors: 159,000
   Merchandise: 2,955
   Team Upgrades: 55,097
   Supplies: 18,000
   Staff: 20,000
   Scouting: 37,000
   Rider Hires: 106,535
   Training: 439,650
  Net Balance
  ---RIDER NEWS---
  Since we haven’t been involved in too many races there isn’t much rider news, but we do want to introduce our readers to a new end of season tradition - rider awards. The rider awards will be divided into three categories - Talent of the Season, Teammate of the Season, Rider of the Season. Without further ado…
  -Talent of the Season-
  Metodija Aksentiev is the most talented rider in our team at the moment. At age 20 he was already speeding past all his teammates, and his top speed has only improved since then. Through intensive training he has reached his potential in several skills, but we believe there is still room for improvement. He got his first result at the end of the season with a 9th place in Tampere - Huittinen, we expect more from him next season!
  -Teammate of the Season-
  Gjorgi Beqiri has been voted Teammate of the Season by unanimous agreement. As an older rider he would have loved to see a Macedonian team like this in his youth, so his motivation to help youngsters around him now is incredible. Apart from mentorship he still offers a lot as an athlete, having won Luesia and grabbing a few podium and top 10 places whilst helping Riste. Riders like Gjorgi make our team special.
  -Rider of the Season-
  Riste Nikolovski is honestly the only contender for this award. He started this season as a top talent but has already established himself as our only captain. Surprisingly, Riste has yet to win a stage, but his lack of first places isn’t too bad if you consider his 14(!) results. His first performance at a higher level was a solid 2d place in La Calle Real de Salento, and shortly after he finished just outside the top 3 with a 4th place in the classic Uttendorf - Matrei in Osttirol. His best performance came after that though, when he became the first ever Macedonian to win a jersey in the Odyssey of the Oryx. He combined a Youth Classification victory with solid top 10 performances in all 3 climbing stages, netting him a 7th place overall as well. We want to congratulate Riste on his amazing season, we are already looking forward to next year.
  ---RACE NEWS---
  There is little race news to report. Our performance at the Bali Classic was lackluster, with Riste ending up at a forgettable 11th place. Our race goals for next season are mostly based around division 6, but it is possible that we end up racing division 7 or 5 races, depending on our results. In division 6, our main goals are Cesko-Slovensky Pohar Cup, Odyssey of the Oryx Tour and Bali Classic for Riste Nikolovski, and smaller races with nice flat finishes for Metodija Aksentiev.
  That’s all for today! Thanks again for supporting our team and we hope to see a lot of our fans again in season 53.
   Kind regards,


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Team Belfius at 21:28 12/5-2020
  Maybe Monte Rosa, if you get the points on short notice ;)

TD rockets at 18:53 12/5-2020
  Nikolovski is a quality young rider, will be interesting to see where he can take you

Velosipedska at 17:07 12/5-2020
  Ty for the responses, it's the longest PR release to date for me, but that's fitting near the end of the season. Some day I'll be an essayist like USA Postal...

USA Postal Services at 16:59 12/5-2020
  @Goege, his PR was shorter than mine, trust me. Good job this season KrMees.

Goege Team at 16:12 12/5-2020
  Way too much to read, but I still did it ;-)
  Congrats, great job you‘re doing. Keep on doing such great work

Holwerda Cycling at 16:08 12/5-2020
  What a season with the jersey in the Odyssey. Congratz!

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