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Changes for season 60

Written by Vegemight at 15:56 5/11-2021

  After being a long time climbing focused team, with various mixed riders. We from Vegemight decided to try new things and let some of our stars go.
  New team kit, new team logo, new specialists and more new riders to come. Well thats a lot new hehehe.
  From now the Vegemight is a sprinting and time trialing team.
  We hope to get more active in all sorts of activities in this world. More press releases, forum activity and better strategic planning and execution.


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Top Division!

  Today Vegemight achieved its place on the highest OCM Division. We now join the selected small list of Brazilian teams in div. 1, we are very happy and our goal...


S60 Already here!

  As the second day of the 60 season came, we managed to get our first victory. Great challenges are in the way and Vegemight is happy to face it. Hence past s...


Fruits of change

  For the first time in the team history, after a total rebuilding, Vegemight achieved a new best with 6 victories and 12 results. Also, we're now in the top...


Changes for season 60

  After being a long time climbing focused team, with various mixed riders. We from Vegemight decided to try new things and let some of our stars go. New team ...


In silence we walk the walk

  Well well folks. For the past months we were working silently. But for now our mighty rider deeds, they granted our first tour jerseys. Andreas Hakel won GC an...


Brilliant Start of Season 53

   In the second day of S53 our team managed some quite good results, with a 2nd and 9th places in Rotorua-Whakarewarewa. And the First win of the season with...


Dawn of Season 53

   Oh boy, Season 52(S52) was a great and glorious journey. We at Vegemight saw two new talents coming and joining up (Erstmyl Juluko and Paulo Haneiko), with...


Brazilian storm rising?

  Oh boy, the past few days are a bliss of results and achievments for us on Vegemight team. First we had awesome results in Whakataetae o te Ahi ka Ao New Z...


From the mother continent comes our new force!

  Yesterday we had the pleasure to complete the contract of our new team rider, Erstmyl Juluko, wich comes from South Africa. We're glad that he joined and starte...


A new young gun has arrived.

  As the very first day of the Season 52(S52) comes we're happy to its start and even more happier to introduce our new home born brazilian talent, Paulo Haneiko(...


New team kit

  About to start a new season, on the verge of more changes the team get a new kit with a redesigned concept with brighter look to make our riders more visible an...


Vegemight growing team

   As for the last month Vegemight team was able to reach a new step in the ladder of the world's greatest cycle organization the OCM. With new responsabil...



Vegemight at 18:13 5/11-2021
  Thank you guys!

Universal Soup at 18:04 5/11-2021
  Good luck with the new shiny stuff!

Time Indaiatuba at 17:38 5/11-2021
  Good luck! You'll be rich soon so I'm sure you can find a great sprinter.

Silenzio at 17:26 5/11-2021
  Can't wait! Good luck

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