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S52 review

Written by V02maXXers at 15:48 22/5-2020

  Especially first half was great. The team won a sprint classic (Vejle), a cobble classic (Huy) and a climbing classic (Ainet). In addition one tour win (Normandie) and a YC win (Vuelta).
  The 2nd half was tough. A few top spots, but nothing more. But still: 3 trophies and 2 jerseys. It has been a very good season.


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S52 review

  Especially first half was great. The team won a sprint classic (Vejle), a cobble classic (Huy) and a climbing classic (Ainet). In addition one tour win (Normand...


Biggest palmares in OCM

  A new milestone for the team. By winning Huy the team came at par wit the legendary Drapeau Noir...


Arnie Bruintjes makes Holland proud

  First by winning for the National Team in the Dutch home WT race Rotterdam - Amsterdam (WT) And after that by winning the Nederlandse Tour on home soil. Brui...


Another milestone

  With the podium finish of Cuesta in Criterium Provence, team V02maXXers has stood on all the podiums of the classic races in Top div and Zyte div...


Crazy 20 days

  Team boss drunk a bit too much during the vrijmibo, so he comes up with this crazy plan to celebrate that the team is back in top division. After that it came o...


S49 2nd half plans

  Day 1 - 35 summary The first half of S49 of V02maXXers CT has been very successful. Mirnes Odovic gave proper farewell presents with his Montelbano and ...


Odovic leaves V02maXXers CT after Lowlander streak

  In S47 Mirnes achieved the unique Bergen Rundtur - Essex double. In S48 he won Cymru Taith and by winning Giro di Montelbano S49 edition tomorrow, it will be th...


S49 plans

  Sprinting team Vejle classic is a goal. Due to injuries the preparation is not optimal, so luck is required to win this one. The second goal for the spr...


Season 48 breakthrough season for the Uchman

  Season 48 has been another great season for the team. The main target was Cymru Taith. Mirnes won the tight GC battle with last edition's winner Wubbe Molhoek f...


Season pretty much over

  Bit strange to say, but for team V02maXXers season 47 is pretty much over. Only noteworthy upcoming event for the remainder of the season is Germany Tour, where...


Meet Gracjan

  Gracjan Uchman says hi....


First part of the season went well

  Especially the climbing team performed great with a win in the Volta and Ainet - Bruggen. Cobble captain Paula was close to eternal glory, finishing 3rd in Mins...


S47 first half plans

  Season 46 was an in-between season. The only real goal was winning Helsinki GP mini, in which we succeeded. In S47 the team will target: Day 17: Volta GC (...


S45 Review

  A remarkable season it was. Probably the best in the history of the team. The management wanted to target a certain number of tours and classics. The other race...


Completion of the first Sprinting Quest

  About a year ago 3 sprinting goals were set by the team management. Today we happily announce that the first sprinting quest is completed Win all the spr...


Tapas does it

  Tapas wins Helsinki! That victory was no. 1 on the wishlist of the team. Rincon won the SC in Valparaiso and that leaves us with only 3 SC's left to win. Th...


S42 review

  Great first half of the season where we succeeded in all the teams endeavours. YC of Volta & Cymru and SC of Vuelta were won. The 2nd half of the season was ...


GC results of the team

  Because I like to shuffle up the team quite a lot, the team has raced a wide range of one day races and tours. Except for DH and TT, the team has been competiti...


Finally a successful trainingsproject again

  We have not encountered much training luck lately. A lot of low maxes, mediocre maxes and some semi-goods. Only Wilbur Jacobson turned out quite alright with ...



  Rotterdam Classic 3rd Perm Tour 2nd Lappi Sea GP 2nd Grasse - Toulon 3rd Close, but no cigar...


From a management game to a lottery

  I gave the new game engine a chance. What I like: - Older riders perform better. Thus riders will have a longer career - Importance of experience has been ...


Share your OCM game ground rules!

  Game engine change was a gamechanger My team didn't really benefit from the engine change, but regardless of that I am very happy that it happened. As a...


Sprinting goals

  Win all the sprinting GC's 4/4 FoW: Won, SC, YC Sicilia: Won Kangaroo: Won Nederlandse: Won, YC (updated 14/08/2018) Win all the SC's 7/10


Sprinting GC tour campaign

  Team V02maXXers has been focused a lot on climbing lately. One of the other goals for the team is to win all the sprinting GC's in OCM. For that purpose Femi Ts...


21yo incredible hiller for sale (maxed)

  Meet Donato Dornelas CL: Good (71) DH: None (30) HL: Incredible (91) SP: None (32) FR: None (25) CB: None (27) TT: None (28) TQ: None (32) I am op...


I am a bit bored

  I am open to make private deals for all my riders, except my climbers. If you want to acquire a rider of mine. Please send a PM and perhaps we can work out ...



Holwerda Cycling at 16:58 22/5-2020
  Nice. Congratz!

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Revenge in Norway
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