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S42 review

Written by V02maXXers at 00:14 5/12-2017

  Great first half of the season where we succeeded in all the teams endeavours. YC of Volta & Cymru and SC of Vuelta were won.
  The 2nd half of the season was a disaster. We missed participation of Valpara√≠so on a few points. Helsinki GP was a big disappointment and we didn't manage to reach Nederlandse Tour with a prepared squad.
  All in all, still happy with the season. Three jerseys is definitely not bad and the way we dominated the sprints in the Vuelta was quite satisfying
  For season 43 we will start in the Volta with the aim to win it. This will not be an easy task. SC of Valparaiso and Nederlandse Tour will also be important goals


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S42 review

  Great first half of the season where we succeeded in all the teams endeavours. YC of Volta & Cymru and SC of Vuelta were won. The 2nd half of the season was ...


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Team Oasis at 00:26 5/12-2017
  well i forgot tactics due to moving out. Last season i wanted to work on my ts and everyone was at captain.... tat worked out badly with a 4th place.

V02maXXers at 00:21 5/12-2017
  Ghehe. You can also ride on practise. Did you know? :-P

Team Oasis at 00:19 5/12-2017
  i hear you, my season sucked till day 60 or so. Made up a whole lot of ground and actually surpassed my own dh-record. But darn that i missed Valparaiso by not paying attention, and also a shame to miss Volta by a super leggs move from Arda in Sweden. The same race has struck me again for this season... god awful to have a certain top 5 contendor doing no tours at all.

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