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Season 54: Guardian Angels

Written by Universal Soup at 06:02 12/9-2020

  We are now well into season 54 and it is time to have a look at how the team is growing. We had set several goals for this season. One of which was training our new talent. At day one we were able to finally recruitGiap Nam Mien from our youth academy. He committed himself to our training program straight away, as we were having enough money.
  So far he has maxed his HL at 80 points. This is kind of a bust because it is the lowest max possible on a Very Good potential. Of course the management didn't give up on this talented rider yet and tried improving his Flat Road abilities. After a mere 9 points in Flat Road however his overall potential seems to have been reached.
  More than 2 seasons to perfect the timing of recruitment and a lot of money on training lead us to an overall max of our first and only talent feature recruit after 60 training points.
  He will now become a member of the hill squad and figure as a hill helper for the remainder of his career.
  Our first goal was Zell am See. Before this race we forgot to set tactics at another and won that race. Also a freak result of an untrained rider gave us some extra points.
  Therefore we were hoping to just win Zell am See.
  Unfortunately we not only won the race but also got 4th, 7th and 9th in the same race making our team jump to division 6.
  In division 6 we are not able to sign up for Tour of the SanReizan and we were sort of forced to try our luck in the Cesko-Slovensky Pohar Cup. Our team is not well suited for this tour and this has been our last participation if we do not get a more suitable captain first.
  The early max of Giap has smothered this plan though.
  The plan now is to improve our team so that we can line up two quite strong teams. one for the hills and one for the mountains. In tours these teams can melt together for an even stronger support, but until then they will race on their own. The teams goal will be to go to div 5 before next season to join Monte Rosa Tour.
  Kind regards,
  BrokenChain - manager.


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World Communism Team at 10:45 15/9-2020
  Wow yes, that must be a very frustrating outcome.

Universal Soup at 09:39 12/9-2020
  Hi, yeah it sucks. Now I'm training some domestiques. On was already trained in Climbing and would be dumb not to train his DH and Hl and maybe FR for use as TM and the other has Good small small for CL DH HL and Good for FR so training him too.

Goege Team at 07:08 12/9-2020
  Oh no, that is incredibly bad luck! :-(
  Hope the rest of the season will go your way, good luck!

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