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Season 53 review and 54 preview

Written by Universal Soup at 11:46 10/8-2020

  our last race of the season has been done and over with resulting in a 46th spot in Old Military Road Race.
  Since our next upcoming races will be in the new season it's time to sum up an overview of what we have done and what we are planning to do so we can enjoy watching the world championships without any worries.
  Season 53:
  We started the season with a few trainees and our captain was still the good old Wang Tuan Lam.
  The goals for this season originally were to compete for the Cesko-Slovensky Pohar cup and try to win the classic Uttendorf - Matrei in Osttirol and one of the oldest races in the game Rundt om Vejle.
  However the races didn't go according to plan. Team PEKAC B, the former #1 team of the game signed up for the same cup in order to win this home cup for him. Where he succeeded, I thought I could battle for a podium, unfortunately that wasn't the case either.
  Because of this debacle we then decided, when we saw the pportunity to race in Tour of the Sanreizan, to go for our chances there. It wouldn't give us too many points to make us miss our second goal of the season.
  Our captains was not really great, or well suited but Wang Tuan Lam did his best and became 4th overall.
  After Japan we waited to be able to attend Uttendorf - Matrei in Osttirol. There our bad luck was that Delion of Drapeau Noir was making his return to the game.
  On his way to division one he had a chance to sign up for this classic. Expecting his team to be too strong, we changed our plans so that we could instead race for Giro di Vicenza. Skipping Rundt um Vejle too.
  This classic would be at the end of the season and required us to drop to division 8. So we have been in training camps ever since and were able to just make it to division 8 at the right time.
  Luckily this all paid off when the then still unmaxed rider Que Nam Hong made his debut as captain and won the trophy designed by NightmareChaos. Wang Tuan Lam managed to get 6th.
  This also gave our team it's 40th and 41st result which resulted in an upgraded merchandise shop and more income for the team.
  This effectively ended our season, wasn't it for Hoan Nguyên Dat. As captain in Sibiu - Sighisoara where all the others raced on practice low he still got a 7th place.
  Season 54:
  - Talent
  Day 1 we will finally be able to pull our talent Giap Nam Mien.
  He has been waiting patiently for a few seasons to be promoted to the pro team of Universal Soup.
  Now finally his time will be there. He will be made ready to hopefully compete on a good level in season 55.
  Giap Nam Mien
  Nation: Vietnam
  Age: 20 years
  Birthday: Day 36
  CL: Small
  DH: Good
  HL: Very good
  SP: Good
  FR: Small
  CB: Average
  TT: Average
  TQ: Average
  Training order HL - FR - SP - TQ
  - Goals
  Zell am See
  Tour of the Sanreizan
  Uttendorf - Matrei in Osttirol
  Rundt om Vejle (optional, depending on our position and need of points)
  Bali Classic
  end season 54 in the upper echelons of division 6 or low in division 5.
  Kind regards,
  Tan Ngoc Phuong - PR Manager
  BrokenChain - General Manager


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Holwerda Cycling at 18:19 10/8-2020
  Good luck training him!

Universal Soup at 17:38 10/8-2020
  LO1 for this talent. But then he won FoW YC and trained him more and 2 climb/tour talents came around at 23yo's that I gave priority and they just finished.
  So now it's a good time for Giap Nam Mien and a small extra venture ( hill sprint ) to be added to the team.
  Talents round 96 i posted him:
  Posted at:
  21:26 24/11-2019 GMT +6

Universal Soup at 17:36 10/8-2020
  Thanks Goege and Frank. Yes, I know how good the feature works and I had a few old trainees 23 to 25 year old, that fitted my team and kept popping up. Since I'm a single small nation it would be a shame to make this rider go old without any training. So better keep him a bit longer. I'm quite happy with my team now, and it's a good time to fit this rider in. Anh Sang Cuc was actually trained as

Holwerda Cycling at 16:50 10/8-2020
  You have that talent for multiple seasons? What a self-control!

Goege Team at 12:30 10/8-2020
  Good luck for season 54 and hopefully your talent maxes high!

Universal Soup at 12:22 10/8-2020
  Yes, I can imagine that. Good team for FoW and it's a good point boost.

World Communism Team at 12:21 10/8-2020
  But if I find myself in Division 7 again at this time, I will definitely go. This will be a time I will be chasing for points to make Div 5 in time for Fast on Wheels.

World Communism Team at 12:20 10/8-2020
  I will definitely not drop deliberately for Rundt om Vejle. It just so happens that I often naturally drop around this time of the season. Though it will be a lot less likely in S54.

Navarone Cycling Team at 12:07 10/8-2020
  Nice talent and glad you got Vicenza, best of luck for S54!

Universal Soup at 12:07 10/8-2020
  Thanks you too! Haha, yeah it was. It was kind of expected, but I was hoping to compete for the podium. Which never happened either haha.

Universal Soup at 12:04 10/8-2020
  I wouldn't drop down just for Vejle, especially if you won it once already. Try to focus on new goals once in a while.
  I'm not sure i'll go yet, as I don't want to get too high up the ranks just yet and that race gives a 100 points.

World Communism Team at 12:03 10/8-2020
  Interesting read, all the best for the upcoming season.
  We all did get steamrolled by Team Pekac B at Cesko Slovensky Pohar. That was a proper beatdown. :)

World Communism Team at 12:01 10/8-2020
  We might cross path at Rundt om Vejle. Never missed this race since I joined the game... Won it once. Love it. I just also cant't tell if I will again drop to Division 7 around the time.

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