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Club of 22

Written by Universal Cycling at 14:52 7/11-2018

  In it!


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Lost to the Dark Side

  even though we are training just a " 190 " TT'er and a Blind trainee as TTer we have won our first ITT race in the managers recollection ( including older team...


Blind training

  we have joined a blind training competition. Name: Shane Carroll Nation: New Zealand New Zealand Team: Universal Cycling Age: 24 years Birthday: Day...


Club of 22

  In it!...


everyone for sale, see forums

  see forums...


Races s46

  Our schedule so far for season 46 20 Flakebridge Street Race - 6th 23 Mutrah - Wadi Kabir - 12th 29 Frederikshavn - Aalborg - 8th 30 Skørpi...


Training projects

  Just a PR release to keep track of maxed training projects Will Morrow status: maxed day 17 s46 tp: ~160pts Stats: CL: None (27) DH: None (32) HL: ...


Team status S46 preview

  Season 45, our first full season, has brought us unexpectedly in to division 4. We were predicting to not get too many points and thus stay in div 5 for a while...



Universal Cycling at 15:29 8/11-2018
  Nice, even trained ones too :D

Anonymous Cycling Project at 21:57 7/11-2018
  Me too! (For the first time about a month ago)

Other Team's Press Releases
New Zealand National Titles (season by season)
  Just the Winners Season 1 - no points obtained by any NZ rider 2 - no points obtained by any NZ rider 3 - Aldis Mattix 340 pts of Black Unicorns 4 - no po...


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