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Trade with The Don

Written by Ultras Spirit at 19:10 22/11-2013

  In few days this guy and another 130k will go to don hamstre team in exchange of Kent Huijbregs.
  Name: Michaël Journet
  Nation: France France
  Age: 24 years
  Birthday: Day 40
  Team Spirit: 57%
  Experience: Level 4
  Ultras Spirit since 27/10-2013
   OCM Tour Rank: 5301 st
  OCM Tour Points: 0
  France Tour Rank: 117 th
  Average Skill: 30
   CL: Good
  DH: Very good
  HL: Good
   SP: Small
  FR: None
  CB: None
   TT: Average
  TQ: Good
  Hope is not too beneficial. :))


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Trade with The Don

  In few days this guy and another 130k will go to don hamstre team in exchange of Kent Huijbregs. Name: Michaël Journet Nation: France France Age: 24...



Manisaspor at 10:47 7/1-2015
  Good one indeed.

Ultras Spirit at 18:56 26/11-2013
  Deal done!

don hamstre team at 11:27 26/11-2013
  Bid placed :)

BennysBadekar at 16:09 24/11-2013
  True. But i would have preferred the points in climbing. If he maxes overall just after his individual climbing potentials are maxed he will still be awesome.

Rotational Symmetry at 15:53 24/11-2013
  With plenty of DH the sprinting could well come in handy, and you could make an argument for training SP before FR. Imagine him with TQ in the 70s though!

BennysBadekar at 14:54 24/11-2013
  @Oliver B: I' not sure either. My concern was his age and the fact that he is a born sprinter. It's gonna be exciting to train him though

Super Velo at 16:53 23/11-2013
  Yeah thats a great talent. Congrats!

Rotational Symmetry at 13:55 23/11-2013
  Great talent! Very jealous... Interesting trade too, not sure who has got the better deal.

Cremtec at 21:04 22/11-2013
  Wow what a beast!!!

BennysBadekar at 20:30 22/11-2013
  Better trade that you would have gotten with me :-) Hamsterboy is a bigger gambler than me... Still hope he maxes high.

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