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S53 Review

Written by USA Postal Services at 11:30 9/8-2020

  Resurrection... the word that defines the whole Season 53 for the US Postal. With a new captain and new energies, the team finished the training of Mad Max in the first days of the season. A total of 161 points and 51 in average, captain for seasons. A bit sad the ''low'' max of Kabbah, but pretty useful as leadout.
  Racing only 60 days was also another strange aspect, as the team defined targets for the upcoming Season 54 and climbing up the ranks wasn't the most desired thing for Manager Armstrong. With a total score of 277 points and Mad Max in top 10 of national ranking, the team is preparing for a very long S54.
  2 wins and 7 results is the official balance of the team, and several top 9. In the money department, the income was extreme and you will see it in a minute, even considering we missed 25k from the last payout due to sponsor fixed income that resulted in a total bug. In the transfer market, the team managed to hire André Pinto from Yuri SuperTeam for 95k and hired free agents Abu Bakr Nadhir and Dietmar Stadlober, both were sold for a total of 345k that will boost team progress for S54 in the training of Dylan Lombard and Siegfried Schnaars.
  Leonards Podnieks signed an extension of his contract for at least two seasons, with a high possibility of a third, depending on the results of the team. He expressed his satisfaction after signing his new contract and slid the chance to lead the scouting squad in a near future, yeah... the kidney men.
  With debut of Max Douglas in the New Zealand National Team, it was one of the highlights of the US Postal's season, also participation at Cup of the Four Rivers, with Mad Max ending 9th in the GC and 3rd in the Youth Classification; in a tour that is not suited for his cobble abilities.
  Finally, here is a small table with team data from S53.
  Temp 53 victories and results
  Merchandise: 35.413$
  Top 10: 20
  Price Money: 101.500$
  Jobs: 74.000$
  Sponsors: 416.000$
  Total Wins: 2 (Max Douglas, 2)
  Results: 7
  Wayne Battle: 4th Conakry – Coyah (U23) - Best result (1.000$)
  Leonards Podnieks: 4th Nerja Criterium - Best result (24.000$)
  Max Douglas: 1st Hajdú-Bihar YFI, Cobbles of Pittsburgh - Best result (76.500$)
  Total income: 626.913$
  Rank: 447 th
  Points: 277
  Total victories: 2
  Total results: 7
  Yeah... almost 627k... best season in the money side, and it won't repeat again. And as detailed before, missing 25k. Some of it went to equipment and training. We are still looking for a last rider to complete the roster for S54 but for now we are feeling fine.
  Now an individual resume of our cyclists.
  1)Max Douglas New Zealand - results: 7 - top 10: 13 - best result: 1st Hajdú-Bihar YFI Hungary
  2)Leonards Podnieks Latvia - results: 0 - top 10: 7 - best result: 4th Nerja Criterium Spain
  3)Sylváin Kabbah Mali - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 12th Antropovo GP Russia
  4)Dylan Lombard South Africa - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 13th Conakry - Coyah (U23) Guinea
  5)Martin Gardner Germany - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 50th The Kirkjubøur Race Faroe Islands
  6)Siegfried Schnaars Germany - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 46th Cobbles of Pittsburgh USA
  7)Jairo Granados Spain - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 94th Bali Classic Nigeria
  8)Faustino Domingos Portugal - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 66th Ålesund Grand Prix Norway
  9)Dietmar Stadlober Austria - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 52th The Kirkjubøur Race Faroe Islands
  10)Abu Bakr Nadhir Qatar - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 47th The Kirkjubøur Race Faroe Islands
  11)André Pinto Portugal - results: 0 - top 10: 0 - best result: 59th Tsetserleg uruu Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur Mongolia (best result with US Postal, not counting his previous team)
  A successful season for us, after lots of tears and lack of results, we won our first race since S51. Long time... but finally the team is back and ready for new challenges and off days of course. Our objectives for S54 is to win as many races as possible, including the cobble classics of the beginning of the season. Reaching Division 5 should be possible after a small redecoration ;)
  Mad Max expressed his joy with the new support coming up, ''I'm glad the team is giving me better support to fight for more results. I hope to get more protagonism in the NT as well, so I can fight for extra points and help my country to reach higher levels,'' Douglas said. As the only team captain, all the team efforts will be focused to help Mad Max to be crazier, hehe...
  By the way, the team will be back to the ol' blue jersey.
  Now in name of all US Postal staff and cyclists, a detailed introduction of the team that will fight in S53.
  Team Structure
  Lance Armstrong USA - Team Manager
  Louis Davenport USA - Press Chief
  Edgar Grandin France - Team Advisor
  Porfirio Garcilaso Venezuela - Team Trainer (Cobblers)
  Glenn Nyholm Denmark - Team Trainer (Sprinters)
  Henry Christian USA - Team Trainer (Sprinters)
  1)Max Douglas New Zealand - Team Captain (Cobblestones)
  2)Sylváin Kabbah Mali - Team Mate (Lead Out)
  3)Leonards Podnieks Latvia - Team Mate (Lead Out)
  4)André Pinto Portugal - Team Mate (Cobblestones)
  5)Dylan Lombard South Africa - Team Mate (Cobblestones)
  6)Siegfried Schnaars Germany - Team Mate (Cobblestones)
  7)Jairo Granados Spain - Team Mate (Cobblestones)
  8)Faustino Domingos Portugal - Free Role (Break Aways)
  9)Abu Bakr Nadhir Qatar - Free Role (Break Aways)
  So with the very conservative objectives and goals for S54, it's time to finish the last update of the season, while waiting the confirmation of a new rider.


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