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US Postal D10 (S53)

Written by USA Postal Services at 07:22 23/5-2020

  After a nice income today, the team is ready to buy tickets to go to Guinea-Bissau and attend Ancaquia CB. Max Douglas can't miss his date with Destiny in the hot african country. In other news, after analyzing the posibilities of adapting, manager Armstrong has decided to release Denis HamaSão Tomé and Príncipe, of course not yet. First he will add some epic (EPO) stuff on him and then saying good bye. Or maybe is not wise to do so. What CEO considers is the fact that there is not a big market for a rider from Sao Tome, wherever that country is located (jokes & laughs).
  Once the riders return from that unknown african country, they will go to Sri Lanka (why always many difficult names for unknown places) and will eat the traditional food. If all goes well, it should help us to be ready for the Div 7 tour once again, with a sightly stronger but amateur squad led by Podnieks (for now).
  Sylváin Kabbah will begin his training soon, probably after the travel to Sri Lanka, he loves bhuddism or something like that, related to a fat man who is hosted in most of chinese restaurants. Right now, the main staff of the team are visiting Hawaii, in our secret HQ; making some experiments with Lombard...


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US Postal D23 (S53)

  After the official introduction of the Team Captain 'Mad' Max Douglas, the team is ready to move forward to other objectives. The last races were a bit unlucky ...


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  Q: Your favorite color? A: Black. Q: What type of cyclist are you? A: Cobbler. Q: Place of birth? A: Wellington, Q: Your career goals? A: Win a cobble c...


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  Greetings everyone. The good vibe around the US Postal in the first days of S53 can be easily noticed. We had a normal begin but we have a feeling of positivism...


US Postal D12 (S53)

  Romano Guillen will join US Postal from iranian team Team Oasis after a record fee of... zero overbids. Which was/is good. The trident of cobblers (Douglas, Lom...


US Postal D10 (S53)

  After a nice income today, the team is ready to buy tickets to go to and attend Ancaquia CB. Max Douglas can't miss his date with Destiny in the hot african co...


US Postal D5 (S53)

  Our first update of the season. The squad made its debut during Conakry-Coyah with a 4th place. With the recent transfer of Leonards Podnieks the team is ready ...


S52 Review

  A transition (Butterfly turnabout) I love this time of the season, it’s like back in time huh? US Postal had a very particular season. After failing goa...


Spies & Kidneys Ch.02

  For the chapter one check the PR listed below. Meanwhil...


US Postal D80 (S52)

  Plans are going as usual, the squad is rushing the last days of the Season 52. The team structure is really happy during this transition to a new speciality, th...


US Postal D76 (S52)

  After suffering a huge depression with Frederick Markussen early max, manager Armstrong thought the mayan profecy of the end of the world was coming, until he r...


The Freak Night Show 9

  Hello people, welcome to another edition of TFNS. Tonight we will discuss about the crazy events around the planet mood, or Earth, as it appears on the books (a...


US Postal D71 (S52)

  And our last rider arrived. Sylváin Kabbah from Mali Mountain Men. A promising sprinter who will be trained within 8 seasons (laughs) and will share room with...


US Postal D60 (S52)

  ''Matter, space, time... a diverse and ridiculous amount of lies from ''the scientists'' but shown as true facts.'' That was a small preview from my newest book...


The Freak Night Show 8 (Q.T - My diary)

  Good night OCM, welcome to another episode of The Freak Night Show. I would like to kick off this podcast with one minute of silence to remember all people that...


US Postal D41 (S52)

  Our hunters had a lot of work in the last hours. Rumors spread across America about a good guy, with good kidneys. So they were working after hours to catch thi...


US Postal D39 (S52)

  Our scouts are working hard in the last hours, searching and whipping dudes all around the world. Recently we finished the transfer of Sébastian Vandenburie f...


US Postal D37 (S52)

  After thinking a lot, and remembering some stuff of the old 60's-70's (peace-love) I decided to stay. Sorry to disappoint you, PetrolGas and please, one more th...


US Postal D22 (S52)

  New quick update, Manager Armstrong made an agreement with Official Wildcard Post to be the official sponsor of the squad! :)...



  Seems Hollow Man added a new feature :) Sponsors This team has no sponsors. Lets see how it works ;)...


US Postal D21 (S52)

  Well, after all, the kids made it possible and Leonards Podnieks was fired. Good luck for him, since he joined a team without sprinters... tough quest into des...


The Freak Night Show 7

  As you all know, Emirates Tour was cancelled after detecting two employees from UAE with Coronavirus (the famous COVID-19). Personally, the hysteria behind the ...


US Postal D10 (S52)

  Rumors and conspiracy around the squad right now. Besides the official announce of Manager Armstrong to give the captain role to Leonards Podnieks , there are s...


A Day to Remember/Forget

  Life is a chain of actions, motions, mistakes, events, so on... The motion is better every second that passes on... Probably we will never be able to discover t...


Two Years

  Yesterday, two years ago, the US Postal joined the OCM Multiverse. A hard start, like all teams, then it went better through the seasons. We were close to achie...


US Postal D2 (S52)

  Our scouts have been working in the last days, tracking people to get their kidneys. One of them, found in Dublin, Ireland, a young guy and he thought it was th...


S52 Line Up

  Manager Lance Armstrong, Press Chief Louis Davenport and our staff and sponsors presented the US Postal line up/staff and jersey for Season 52. Team Structur...



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