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US Postal D41 (S52)

Written by USA Postal Services at 02:50 25/3-2020

  Our hunters had a lot of work in the last hours. Rumors spread across America about a good guy, with good kidneys. So they were working after hours to catch this great subject. Rich Dillon USA was eating a hot dog in an empty square in Austin, TX; when a.k.a Rudolph watched him. ''I need some reinforce, I found him,'' is what he said in the radio to other hunters. In less than 2 minutes, six men joined him and surrounded the square, poor Rich noticed the men in black and dropped his hot dog.
  He tried to run and Rudolph shouted, ''Don't let him escape, get him!!''. The hunters followed him. No cops or peepers around, so the pursuit was clean all the way. After five blocks running like crazy, Rich felt the lack of air and fell down, Rudolph shot him and he passed out. Manager Armstrong was enjoying a ride in his wheel throne when his new Samsung S20 vibrated, ''Yes?'' he said. Another voice from the other side made him smile, ''Sir, we got him,'' Rudolph said. Manager made two deep breaths and ordered to put him in a cage in our secret lab.
  So it was a happy ending for the boss, sadly, poor Rich woke up tied up inside a cage, without any idea of what happened... Armstrong suddenly has interest in homeland riders... what evil plans he has for the OCM World?


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USA Postal Services at 05:14 28/3-2020
  I also prefer medical than slavery, you know, more suitable when it comes to public audiences ;)

USA Postal Services at 05:12 28/3-2020
  to have cameras here. I also read your PR's, all about slavery and hard work conditions, we are in 2035, not 3500 B.C :(
  Almost forgot, at this time Austin is hot, so another factor to be tired pretty soon if you are out of shape. How are the kangaroos BTW? ;)

USA Postal Services at 05:07 28/3-2020
  By clean I mean, no one watched the pursuit. He collapsed because, since he wasn't training, his shape wasn't the best. I think you never traveled to Austin, you should run one block at least, long blocks. Now imagine five...
  The shoot was to make him pass out and carry him out of the place, at least you need some imagination, now I have the answer why you are so serious all the time :) No need

Australian Warlord at 03:45 28/3-2020
  Seven men shouting & running after one guy, and you call that clean? And he collapsed after five blocks, that's not a sign of a healthy anything. Then with the guy on the ground, your guy shoots him, like what for, he was already caught.
  Gee, talk about expensive amateur hour, it's no wonder you can't profit from the business. When you want to do it properly call me.

USA Postal Services at 19:28 27/3-2020
  Well, I might give it a go with one of those characters, of course I need to create a good background story, Life of a kidney hunter :P

Vegemight at 17:58 27/3-2020
  thats a hell of press release, also think you should write comics.

USA Postal Services at 20:46 25/3-2020
  I do, I think I never told anyone here mate. Mostly parodies and short flyers. My current topic now, IW by Marvel, how would be our world with the Infinity Stones? Politicians are mad now LOL. From Trump to Putin.

Team Belfius at 17:17 25/3-2020
  You should write comics

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