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US Postal D2 (S52)

Written by USA Postal Services at 02:17 15/2-2020

  Our scouts have been working in the last days, tracking people to get their kidneys. One of them, found in Dublin, Ireland, a young guy and he thought it was the perfect victim so he proceed.
  But the man noticed the strange behaviour of our scout and taking his bike, he rushed into a street with hard cobblestones, really fast. The scout man was really impressed when he saw his skills and called manager Armstrong. Lance asked the typical questions and after thinking seriously, he sent more scoutmen to capture the irish guy.
  The pursuit lasted 2 hours and with great efforts our agents captured the irish kid. Armstrong introduced himself to the captive, who asked what did he do; so team boss explained the team business with the international black market of kidneys, but he was lucky.
  After 20 minutes of talk, Armstrong offered him a job as team mate in his cycling team, doubting at first, the captive guy finally accepted when he saw the team posters and merchandise.
  ''Now, I have the pleasure to present Jacob Hughson Ireland, who accepted an offer to be cobbler pacer or captain in an alternative reality, welcome to the team,'' said Manager Armstrong during the press conference. Jacob smiled and saluted everyone in the room before saying a few words, written by Armstrong, ''It's a real pleasure to be here... italic, bold... what's this?'' he said without understanding those words Armstrong wrote.
  So this is our status just in the second day of Season 52, besides the 11th in Criterium Tartu Estonia for Podnieks, without helpers... a promising debut.
  PD: Will we find another kidney or the next star?


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USA Postal Services at 03:24 16/2-2020
  But those are not healthy kidneys. US Postal delivers quality for a good price

Australian Warlord at 23:53 15/2-2020
  , all have full medical facilities with agents & everything.
  And they're all better matched to ensure lower rejection rates. No rich person would go to an unofficial facility when there's such services available.

Australian Warlord at 23:52 15/2-2020
  Rich people don't do that any more. The Chinese government have fully qualified hospitals with kidneys & other stuff unofficially taken from political prisoners, it's fully legal in Iran (of all places), it's a significant industry within hospitals in India (the poor there sell their kidney's for as little as $100), Israel, several eastern European countries, etc, all have full medical facilities

USA Postal Services at 09:17 15/2-2020
  That's why we have our special crew of 'doctors' to do it in any place, and then we sell it for at least 20k. Better profit... also an average, we can find rich people who offer more to extend their life quality

Australian Warlord at 09:07 15/2-2020
  Gee, no wonder you can't get any success in the kidney business. You can get perfectly good kidneys from millions of poor people for next to nothing, and they'll walk into a nice clean hospital with you & happily let you remove it for next to nothing, and the kidney's worth so much more to you this way. And it's legal, well more or less.

USA Postal Services at 09:00 15/2-2020
  I just try to keep a traditional business, kidneys old style, some chloroform and waking up in a hot thub with a paper note. Does Shell counts?

Australian Warlord at 08:55 15/2-2020
  Actually kidneys are so last decade; this decade it's all about shell companies with fake directors held in the names of homeless people to funnel millions of tax & wage liabilities into.

USA Postal Services at 08:50 15/2-2020
  Of course, i am broke because i don't consider dp stuff, however i know the kidney's market and thats the future. I prefer to train my people, not sure why but i found it funny :)

Australian Warlord at 08:41 15/2-2020
  Unless you have $6mill, and captains coming out of your ears already, you don't train domestiques; and particularly cobble doms. Cobble doms are often thrown out onto the free hire list they're worth that little, and those that sell in the forum are usually within several $k of RV.
  This is the reason why you're always broke, and that you can't understand what the market value of a kidney is.

USA Postal Services at 06:15 15/2-2020
  I know, however... when you are always broke and after a nightmare season, there's nothing profitable at your disposal

AnnoDomini at 06:09 15/2-2020
  Training a team mate / pave pacer is considered to be not profitable. It is usually cheaper to buy such rider on the market.

USA Postal Services at 06:06 15/2-2020
  He won't be captain of course, unless the multiverse of Marvel assaults OCM. But he can be a decent support for the real man.

AnnoDomini at 06:00 15/2-2020
  I scouted this guy yesterday but decided he was not good enough...

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