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Quick speed up, here we are

Written by USA Postal Services at 21:23 13/8-2019

  And without planning it, we will finish in Div 5 this season, for the very first time. Thanks to our third victory this season; courtesy of Miroslav Sievers. Also we are glad to announce that Camilo Cortes is finally with us. The lastest talent of the academy from Portugal is excited to start racing.


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The Freak Night Show 3

  Welcome cycling lovers to another The Freak Night Show episode. After explaining both road and TT world champion situations (Dennis finally moved to Ineos, as I...


The Freak Night Show 2

  Welcome to another edition of The Freak Night Show. Tonight is earlier than our previous episode (9:40 pm) and as I promised in this podcast we are going to tal...


Freak Night Show Returns

  ...Not like Superman, course. Tonight we have Jumbo Visma's calendar 2020. What do you think about it? Will Roglic break the Sky/INEOS dynasty in TdF? Will Dumo...


Henry Christian retires

  The last member of the debutant team of US Postal said goodbye today. Henry Christian (USA,39) who was the first captain of the team retired today. The whole te...


Review Season 50

  After last race today (9th), the team season is coming to an end. Our staff and riders are happy because this season was very good in the win department. 5 wins...


Glenn Nyholm retires

  After a long (very long) career as cyclist, danish rider Glenn Nyholm (42 years) decided to end his adventure in the OCM before completing season 50. The staff ...


Another academy talent

  US Postal is glad to announce that our talent politic from our youth academy is producing good guys lately. We are happy to welcome Adrian Kolo (19, CZE) to our...


Monte Rosa Tour

  Well, only ten days left for the start of Monte Rosa Tour. It will be our first participation in this tour, surprising. Miroslav Sievers is almost top form and ...


Quick speed up, here we are

  And without planning it, we will finish in Div 5 this season, for the very first time. Thanks to our third victory this season; courtesy of Miroslav Sievers. Al...


Review Season 49, hopes for S50

  After a hard rebuild, seems the team finally recovered from the last sells (specially McCain). Now with a new young captain (Miroslav Sievers), we finally are a...


Two in a row, finally ;)

  And after several tries... Miroslav Sievers finally won his first race, and then another one two days later. Seems our sprint cap is giving out all finally. ...


Market news

  And another sprinter comes home. Lance Armstrong confirmed to team media that Foma Chapoyev (32, Kyrgizstan) from Karakol Miners will become blue eagle next sea...


New captain

  After one season, manager Lance Armstrong decide to change the leader of the team. Razvan Vaduva (ROM, 25) is not longer the captain. To replace him, the CEO ap...


Season 48 ''Review''

  Awful season, really awful. All was injuries, off days, and only 4 results (3 2nds and a 3rd). Better luck next season with a new captain....


Tour Of The Sanreizan

  Our 4th participation in this race will be special. Without any of the top ten teams of the GC and without the SC winner, the team has been honoured to hold the...


S47 Review - S48 Expectatives

  Well... It was a very strange season at all (not a bad one but well...). Our main objective was missed by one single point only (SC of Tour of the Sanreizan)...


Hwange - Victoria Falls

  Line up for Hwange - Victoria Falls (101)Razvan Vaduva 23 (102)Remco Geurtsen 22 (103)Wan Mohammed Yap 34 (104)Yannis Van Bethlehem 21 (105)Jeffery V...


Gafsa - Jebel ech Chaambi

  Line up for Gafsa - Jebel ech Chaambi (61)Edgardo Aguilar 24 (62)Wan Mohammed Yap 34 (63)Yannis Van Bethlehem 21 (64)Remco Geurtsen 22 (65)Glenn Nyho...


Trofeo de Sierra Cabrera #21

  Line up for Trofeo de Sierra Cabrera (151)Edgardo Aguilar 24 (152)Glenn Nyholm 39 (153)Henry Christian 36 (154)Jeffery Vasquez 22 (155)Owen Knox 29 ...


Testing.. testing

  Razvan Vaduva ...


Trofeu Constanta Line up

  (171)Wan Mohammed Yap (34, Malaysia) (172)Owen Knox (29, USA) (173)Yannis van Bethlehem (21, Belgium) (174)Edgardo Aguilar (24, Canary Islands) (175)Jeffery...


No more transfers...

  For this season, our scout men will have a well earned rest. Quentin Dawes (20, USA) from Team Belfius will be our last hired rider from Transfer Market. The am...


Various leaders

  With the new recent moves made by Lance Armstrong, US Postal is building up a strong sprinting train led by Razvan Vaduva. Althought there are also 'team mates'...


Astana CBGP

  After a 2 year skip, team is back to Astana CBGP. Last time we raced Porfirio Garcilaso (35, Venezuela) ended 7th against younger cobblers. This time we will us...


Longjiang - Daxingshan

  Without Bullet McCain, Wan M. Yap (34, Malaysia) holds the n°1 in his back in this edition of Longjiang - Daxingshan #32. Last season race was won by Pete McCa...


Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day for all!

  Well, from the US Postal we wish y'all happy Martin Luther King's Day for all! Prepare your wallets for the last part of season....



USA Postal Services at 20:05 14/8-2019
  TY HC, yes Bel. We hope the spark continues in the next days at Div 5 :)

Team Belfius at 19:13 14/8-2019
  Miro magic has happened ;)

Holwerda Cycling at 07:05 14/8-2019

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