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Welcome to Remco...

Written by USA Postal Services at 00:41 7/11-2018

  ... Geurtsen. First words that said our manager Lance Armstrong during his conference press today in El Teide, revealing the exclusive for the few journalists around the team. He is not Remco Evenepoel, we wish (laughs) but he is also a good rider for all sort of terrains, we are glad he joined US Postal.
  With a great smile on his face, Remco Geurtsen; 21 years old cyclist with a great condition for the flat roads and time trial (also average performance when the road is uphill) started his career in Team Belfius, and expressed his happiness after signing the contract with Armstrong.
  ''I am really happy, for the very first moment I noticed the interest of US Postal and their project, knew that it was the best place for me to keep growing and help the team with my talent and work to achieve good results'' said the dutch rider, who was born in Maastricht.
  At the end, Lance Armstrong finished the conference giving more details for the last races of season, and a nice picture next to his new prospect.


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Welcome to Remco...

  ... Geurtsen. First words that said our manager Lance Armstrong during his conference press today in El Teide, revealing the exclusive for the few journalists a...


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USA Postal Services at 12:07 7/11-2018
  Hope so, thanks a lot guys. So far he received a nice bottle with some EP.. from his manager lol

Team Belfius at 10:30 7/11-2018
  That questionmark should've been a ":)"!

Team Belfius at 09:39 7/11-2018
  Enjoy Remco's qualities! Hopefully he will give your team many victories ?

Holwerda Cycling at 09:24 7/11-2018
  Good luck training!

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