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S61- Four Digits

Written by Totalidade at 20:38 4/8-2022

  The Season
  1000 points!
  For the first time ever the team broke this barrier. Not just that it was a record in results, wins and Jerseys!
  Átila paved the way with a confident win at Monte Rosa Tour. Dang in top form scoped in quick succession Edmonton Red Deer Tour and Corazón de México.
  We reached the top of Division 3 and stayed there for the rest of the Season.
  As per usual the second half of the Season was weaker, we still managed to score some results and gather experience.
  La Génération Future tour was an interesting tour which made the team gain interest in maintaining a U-23 division.
  The Numbers
  Name / Points / Results / Wins / Earnings
  China Dang Zhijun / 480 points / 7 results / 4 wins / 72.500$
  Portugal Átila Caetano / 350 points / 3 results / 2 wins / 55.500$
  Latvia Zanis Agrums / 190 points / 5 results / 2 wins / 41.750$
  Fiji Rajendra Vonomateiratu / 28 points / 1 results / 0 wins / 12.000$
  Madagascar Heri Mead / 0 points / 1 results / 0 wins / 0$
  Portugal Capitolino Negrão / 0 points/ 0 results / 0 wins / 500$
  - 1048 points
  - 18 results
  - 8 wins
  China National Jersey - Dang Zhijun
  Fiji National Jersey - Rajendra Vonomateiratu
  El Corazón de México General Classification - Dang Zhijun
  Monte Rosa Tour General Classification - Átila Caetano
  Edmonton Red Deer Tour General Classification - Dang Zhijun
  - 5th team of PortugalPortugal
  - 130th team in the WorldWorld
  Finance and Fans
  - 182.250$ earned
  - 1.595.579 $ Team Value
  - 842 fans
  Goals for next Season and beyond
  We'll be once again just try to do our best and not pursue specific goals. The exception being participating in Norway Tour with Átila as the captain.


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S61- Four Digits

  The Season 1000 points! For the first time ever the team broke this barrier. Not just that it was a record in results, wins and Jerseys! Átila pa...


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Universal Soup at 11:08 6/8-2022
  Congrats and good luck in Norway!

Holwerda Cycling at 09:12 5/8-2022
  Very nice season. Congratulations!

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