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Division 1!

Written by Time Indaiatuba at 14:40 13/3-2019

  After a fantastically strong start to the season, Time Indaiatuba has broken into Division 1 for the first time.
  This sudden climb has been a little unexpected following Kirby Abner's strong performances at the Volta ao Porto, but he's been backed up with wins from Mark Turnbow and Rubert Smidt (his first win since we were in division 8!).
  It's hard to know what happens next as I didn't plan to be here so soon. I'm recharging some riders' top forms so I think I'll let us drop back down naturally and then take it from there.


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Division 1!

  After a fantastically strong start to the season, Time Indaiatuba has broken into Division 1 for the first time. This sudden climb has been a little unexpec...


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DeRodeLantaarn at 02:31 17/3-2019
  Congrats Jime.
  Great performance!

Manisaspor at 14:51 16/3-2019

Team Chili at 08:44 14/3-2019

Holwerda Cycling at 19:20 13/3-2019
  Wow, impressive!

MOVISTAR KELME TEAM at 18:54 13/3-2019
  Good job Jime :)

USA Postal Services at 14:43 13/3-2019

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