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S39 Review: What a ridiculously successful season

Written by The Broad Backs at 18:30 25/2-2017

  Normally I'm not someone to look back, I prefer to look forward and build upon the past. However, I cannot help but acknowledge the amazing season this team has had, with 16 results and 6 wins, of which 3 classics, tour results, top 10 in the world and most importantly: no.1 in The Netherlands! :D
  As for the sprinting squad, the big update regarding age/XP definitely affects the points Muisi Sani can gather for us the coming seasons. However, he performed extremely well in the beginning of the season, with 2 big wins. For now, he will be an elite lead-out to the likes of Hajnal Iván and David Schouten, who was purchased after the update. Apart from David, Blaine Gainey joined the sprinting squad during the season, while Africans Kimaru Macharinyang and Pandora Nyami joined at the beginning of the season.
  However, I'm most proud to have completed a highly competitive, African climbing squad, captained by Milton Café and Leslie Kiprotich Kenei. Milton had a good season and should only get better results with the seasons to come, while Leslie should and will get more chances to be captain in the coming season than he did this time around. Ayo Condeh will also get more captaincy roles, now almost hitting his peak years. Although the climbing squad needs a bit of rejuvenation, it is with pleasure that I sign them up for races, realizing they are all-African.
  Finally, this stupendously successful season has a nice, hopefully delicious dessert coming up: the World Championships. Muisi will captain the U23-team as some support for him was acquired last week, while Leslie will have a shot at the WC for the big boys.
  No matter what happens in the last races of the season, Im extremely happy with the team and can only hope in season 40 to achieve the same great heights as in season 39.


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S39 Review: What a ridiculously successful season

  Normally I'm not someone to look back, I prefer to look forward and build upon the past. However, I cannot help but acknowledge the amazing season this team has...


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johny2 at 19:46 25/2-2017
  Congrats with the season and good luck in WC.

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