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Team presentation S38

Written by The Broad Backs at 09:31 3/10-2016

  Better late than never, must the team manager of The Broad Backs have thought announcing a team presentation so late in the season. The squad has been finalized though and deserves to be introduced to the media and fans.
  African climbing squad
  The Broad Backs is proud to say that with the latest signing of Leslie Kiprotich Kenei, the African climbing squad is finally completely African. With Milton Cafe as main captain, the team should be able to provide him the support he needs to perform in Top Division. Condeh and Kenei will also be able to captain several races the upcoming season.
  Sprint squad mutations
  A second captain in the form of Antip Tsvetkov was presented this season, alongside of Broad Backs-veteran Hajnal Ivan. Both have different strengths, while both will also fall short in most sprint-races in Top Division. The calendar has been filled with races where they will be able to compete best, including Nederlandse Tour for Ivan, whom will be recharged soon.
  Talented riders
  Some fresh blood will also be introduced in the team throughout the season. Muisi Sani is the most promising of the lot, already proving to be a valuable lead-out. However, he has not maxed yet, apart from on his sprinting-stat, and he has the potential to become a third sprint-captain on short notice:
  CL: Small
  DH: Average
  HL: Small
  SP: Good
  FR: Average
  CB: None
  TT: Small
  TQ: Very good
  Apart from Sani, Ciceron Narvaez and Ismael Olanrewaju complete the U23-squad. Olanrewaju might be the next addition to the African climbing squad, and will mainly function then as a downhill guide and captain for several downhill-races:
  CL: Average
  DH: Very good
  HL: Small
  SP: Average
  FR: None
  CB: None
  TT: None
  TQ: Good
  Finally, Ciceron Narvaez has the potential to eventually go on to win Essex Tour and/or Cymru Taith. Some transfer rumours have been going around and whether he will continue to ride for The Broad Backs is not set in stone, but an exciting youngster he is:
  CL: Average
  DH: Small
  HL: Good
  SP: None
  FR: Very good
  CB: None
  TT: Good
  TQ: Small
  Team expectations
  The manager expects the team to compete in Top Division throughout the entire season, including some minor spells down to Zyte Division. With so many teams quitting, The Broad Backs wishes to fill the gap left behind by some other great managers and become a stable Top Division-team.


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Team presentation S38

  Better late than never, must the team manager of The Broad Backs have thought announcing a team presentation so late in the season. The squad has been finalized...


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AnnoDomini at 10:21 4/10-2016
  Milton stole me a few results so hope he stays in the groupetto driking his coffee :-) But as a DH team I will be monitoring the development of Olanrewaju. Good luck with him.

familytour at 14:01 3/10-2016
  It looks pretty well!Good luck;)

Drollevangers at 12:19 3/10-2016
  Looking good! Great talents as well. Good luck

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