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S39 Review: What a ridiculously successful season

  Normally I'm not someone to look back, I prefer to look forward and build upon the past. However, I cannot help but acknowledge the amazing season this team has...


Team presentation S38

  Better late than never, must the team manager of The Broad Backs have thought announcing a team presentation so late in the season. The squad has been finalized...


African climbing team almost complete

  The Broad Backs is ditching the older Drazen Cetnik and switching focus. The aim is to create a competitive African climbing team. After training the talented y...


De Witte has left the building.

  When The Broad Backs received an offer that could not be refused, it was time for the team and Jaap de Witte to separate their ways. The rider, whom came throug...


Season off to great start for De Witte

  Two wins and one second place-finish makes the start of season 32 the best start The Broad Backs has yet so far. And all thanks to Jaap de Witte, who has even a...


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