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Oasis and its Potato Boiler Room

Written by Team Oasis at 13:16 5/11-2019

  The Oasis R&D departement is currently testing a new method of training. Regional potatoes are acquired to bypass ongoing trade bans. Yet things are not going as planned, manager Nooky Lair explains.
  Take us a bit back into the past. What changed?
  "In essence not that much. We always had to be creative, given the weaker financial strenght. Iran is constantly struggling with inflation and as a result of that our negotiation power had its limits. However we had some good years with trade bans being lifted. Now that those are enforced again we notice that there's intimidation added to the package. We really need riders who are able to withstand pressure of their surroundings and who really believe in what we do."
  Can you show us an example?
  "Todd Sarvis came knocking on our doors and with his hilly climber potential it was an interesting prospect. He wanted to succeed but we found out he had its clear limitations. But in all honesty its the only example together with Levi Waard."
  So time for a change
  "Well, yes. Backed of course by the great work from our R&D department. They found groundbreaking methods which led to the creation of the Talent Enrichment Facility near Natanz. Perfect examples of those methods are Erwin Geitz, Jim Deuring, Emerson Prewitt and more recently Humberto Valenzuela. So there is confidence we will succeed again. Well, at least there was."
   So there are doubts. What's the cause of that?
  "Yes it's alot tougher than expected. Apparently Irani soil lacks some vital nutrients to make our potatoes grow and keep on growing. Our two first specimens Erden Ercan and Wajeeh Abdul-Ghaffar did not only max out soon, once the potential of a certain stat was reached they couldn't carry on. Its a major concern if we cannot elevate main stats like we were used to. Also the third specimen Yasar Na'il shows a similar pattern on his first main stat."
  Can you explain the methods you use now? And how do they differ from before
  "I cannot uncover fully what we do but there is a significant difference in our approach. Our past trainees had a more hardened body. We could oemph them with a method that shows similarities to usual cancer treatments, but with an entirely different objective. Not all of them are capable we learned by experience. Some are taken off the programm but there's a reasonable group that has the DNA of a great cyclist in its body.
  With the new group of trainees we cannot do this method as that we lead to immediate failure. Some morphed and warped team we would get then. So we built a kind of boiler room where we can built up pressure slowly as we go. This is all new of course and we still need to tweak it alot. It's not just a matter of soft-boiling or hard-boiling to get a good result. There's far more to it, many more variables. Thus, we have no control over the outcome of the process yet."
  So the project is being a failure?
  "Its too soon to form a conclusion. You have to consider we do this for the very first time. In Norway they experimented with this concept alot longer. A team like Byttingvik has proven it can give results. Unfortunately its very hard to share knowledge these days."
  "We will carry on a bit further and investigate whats causing these lower than anticipated results. One direction we could go to is experimenting with salt crystals in the boiling process. These commodities are luckily widely available in Iran (Lake Urmia, Lake Namak). But maybe some outside factor is causing the harm. We sure hope we are not stux in the net again, but our government is helping us on that safety issue. So, as stubborn as we are our strong desire to find our way back up again will prevail. It's a national pride thing."


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Team Oasis at 11:11 15/11-2019
  Potato has given first race result
  Your team participated in Silverthorne - Mount Evans (U23). Erden Ercan finished 2 nd as your best rider. You earned 6.000 $.

Team Chili at 08:59 6/11-2019

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