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(Un)kucky competition seals deal with Kuckident

Written by Team Oasis at 22:55 26/1-2016

  Especially for the OCM (un)kucky competition Fixodent has reintroduced its former brandname Kukident as Kuckident. The famous denture adhesive paste has been further developed into a saddle adhesive paste. The product was launched today after the sponsorship deal with OCM was signed.
  Fixodent is pleased with the cooperation with OCM. "We had been looking for oppurtunities to bring back Kukident and saw our chance'', a spokesman says. "From an early stage on we made plans together but we were suprised when authorities changed the name of the competition. We had to postpone our plans for a week to get the issue resolved."
  According to the spokesman of the company the new Kuckident is a 'groundbreaking product for the cycling sport'. It should give riders more control over their bike and make them fall far less. "We make a great match with OCM, which is notorious for its numerous problems for riders in races like offdays, mechanical issues and various crashes. This may bring some positive change."
  There are doubts however that Kuckident will make OCM safer. The new paste could make riders less cautious. It may give them the (false) sense of more control even with high speeds. There are also serious concerns from people in the field that a real crash will lead to more serious injuries. When falling down riders will stick to their bikes like track cyclists. Therefore rumours are that the name Kuckident also hints to 'incident'. When asked after these rumours the spokesman denied any comment.


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Team Oasis at 10:58 28/1-2016
  Our team is still sponsored by Nabilat Trade & Commerce, which gives us dopium energy drinks.. so wer're good

Stroopwafel at 08:41 28/1-2016
  The new sponsor fully endorses excessive use of energy bars.

Team Oasis at 15:12 27/1-2016
  is that the Romanian style that worked for a while?

Schiavi di Don at 13:12 27/1-2016
  I think my old methode of welding my riders onto their frames still works better

Hog Bay CT at 22:59 26/1-2016
  LOL! =)

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