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Kings of 2nd place in u23

Written by Team Guy at 12:40 13/9-2023

  Just had my 4th 2nd place in an under 23 race so far this season.


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Kings of 2nd place in u23

  Just had my 4th 2nd place in an under 23 race so far this season. ...


Worst season for ages

  Currently in the midst of my worst season for many moons. Anyone got any thoughts about what I can do to reinvigorate my team let me know!...


Goals achieved

  These may well not be held on to for very long, but I achieved a couple of my goals today for the first time - number one ranked English team and Angelo Deferme...


Marking some firsts

  A couple of firsts for me over the last week - a first classic win for the team thanks to Angelo Deferme in Zyte GP. An unexpected bonus after slipping out of D...


Reached Division 1

  For the first time. Won’t stay there too long as about to lose some points from last season but had to mark this achievement in press release form!...


Crazy few days

  What a crazy few days on Team Guy. With one eye on a first appearance on the Norway Tour, out of the blue we pick up back to back victories for the first time e...


What a tour

  Great Race of the Minutemen for Team Guy, congratulations to Angelo Deferme for taking the GC and Young riders classification. And just missing out on the clean...


First senior win for Josias

  A memorable day for Team Guy, and not just because of the rumoured name change to Team GUYNEOS, as Josias Marroquin triumphed for the first time since leaving t...


New season new signing

  Team Guy is pleased to announce the signing of Buck Scarff, a 19-year-old academy product from Canada. Hopes are high for Scarff becoming the team’s next top ...


Stop teasing me Viù - Colle del Nivolet

  4th season in a row in this race. 3 podiums but no wins, will this be my year??...


Fare thee well season 42

  So Team Guy's final race of the season is in the rear-view mirror and it's time to reflect on another year of steady progress. Team Captain Dino Bisicchia enjo...


End of another season

  So, season 41 is almost in the books, and Team Guy managed to finish in almost exactly the same spot as last year. Captain Dino Bisicchia is still chasing the f...


Reflections on Season 40

  Another season has come and gone for Team Guy, as always filled with highs, lows and periods of severe indifference. Taras Murogov picked up a couple of early s...



Team Guy at 17:06 20/9-2023
  Finally I beat Fidelio Marina.... but finished 3rd :(

Team Guy at 15:10 13/9-2023
  Ha! I hadn’t even clocked that it was all to the same rider finishing 1st!
  I needed 3 different ones to get my 2nd places

Schiavi di Don at 14:17 13/9-2023
  You really must hate Fidelio Marina ;)
  No shame in losing the the U23 powerhouse that is Stroopwafel though!

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