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Bronze Like An Orgasm For Falco

Written by Team Formand United at 20:56 10/4-2022

  In an injury ridden season for the mountain riders it looked like a standard result in Ngorongoro Safari for Team Formand United. But Lauro Falco, captain for the day, wanted it to be way more interesting.
  Many attacks shaped the race, though Formand and his troops did theirs to beat the break away rebels down. The peloton was left behind, when Falco and a few other riders, among them René Bidstrup, did an attack at the final climb. Lauro Falco, who had no power left for the sprint, secured his third place only 3 seconds later after the two first riders.
  - I was just happy with the result, because I was a little tired today and not so super at the many hills anyway. An orgasm came through, he laughs. - Well, they do not call me The Italian Stallion for nothing.. !
  - Roni Teunis is both mountain and hill specialist and really helped Falco at the last part of the race. All riders delivered theirs today and I am satisfied with the result. No injuries and the second bronze of the season for Falco that still has a few races left to captain this year, Manager Ebbe Spas adds.


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