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U21-talent "Odd Oddvar" Gets In Top5

Written by Team Formand United at 11:30 11/1-2022

  In the locker room his team mates call him either "Odd Oddvar" or Norwegian Wood, because he often gets a hard-on when riding in hot weather!
  The Norwegian mountain rider Oddvar Helgesen is though a popular guy that gets a lot of support in races from his team. Only 21 year old he has a lot of talent and backup from Manager Ebbe Spas, that broke out in drinking songs after Oddvar's 5th place today
  - He really grabbed the opportunity at the Div. 3 mountain grand prix in Covilhã. He was Captain and rode with the big guys in a very strong peloton. He had super legs and a lot of help from Fresnel, that rode as SD and grabbed a 9th spot.
  - He is the first from our new U21 Academy at Formand United, and I am thrilled that he after eight races got a Top 5, Ebbe Spas yells to the press.
  - I am just humble and happy about the support on the route today. Didn't expect much. I am still young and really performed although a small hard-on appeared at the end of the race climb, Oddvar admits.


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