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Gold for Hungary means Div 2!

Written by Team Formand United at 11:03 8/4-2021

  Team Formand United today surprisingly bashed through the roof to Division 2, when the "Magic Magyar" Somfalvi Csaba won a sunny race in Ovruch - Ovruch.
  The riders tried to break away from the main group, though no one could succeed, the tabloid newspaper The Moon writes.
  Csaba managed to win the mountain sprint against the strong, young climber favorite Ciceron Guinassi, OCM's equvalent to Tadej Pogacar.
  "I'm still going strong after the nice prep package from Ebbe Spas this morning with Omega3 and hempy cigarettes, wuuhu! Party on!" the Hungarian strong rider yelled to the reporters.
  It was Csaba's first win in many years although results have been nice for the 32 year old veteran that did not go captain, until Team Formand United came on.
  "I simply don't understand, why my captain doesn't get more national races. He is no. 2 on the Hungarian world tour list. He should get more soon," Ebbe Spas, Manager, added.


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Gold for Hungary means Div 2!

  Team Formand United today surprisingly bashed through the roof to Division 2, when the "Magic Magyar" Somfalvi Csaba won a sunny race in Ovruch - Ovruch. Th...


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