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Donald where's your troosers?

Written by Team Chili at 00:24 12/6-2018

  This marks the day I finally beat Andeby in overall pts.
  Day 19 season 45, with 27552. To beat Donald by only 10pts.
  With the superteam put together by Andeby this will be short lived.


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Donald where's your troosers?

  This marks the day I finally beat Andeby in overall pts. Day 19 season 45, with 27552. To beat Donald by only 10pts. With the superteam put together by An...


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Team Chili sprinters truce

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Team Chili at 10:07 15/6-2018
  Thanks honzas, I always start strong but there aren't the pts for me at the end of the season.
  Plus Donald is another level.

PEKAC B at 09:38 15/6-2018
  Team Chili
  Season 45
  Rank: 5 th
  Points: 1190
  Total victories: 3
  Total results: 7
  Your team is very strong and I believe you will be able to keep pace with Andeby ;-)

Team Chili at 08:43 15/6-2018
  I can't keep pace with Andeby when he is trying.
  But happy days for Aus. Top 10 national team also.

Australian Warlord at 08:28 15/6-2018
  It will be interesting to see how long you'll be able to match it with him in the rankings. Two Aussie teams in the top 10 current rankings will be fantastic.

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