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The transfer forum is broken

Written by Tashkent Browncoats at 01:17 4/4-2021

  When did 200+ talents became worth their main potentials * 1000?
  I'm not complaining though.
  (And now: a lot of dots because I don't want the link to screw up my team/press release screen formatting)


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The transfer forum is broken

  When did 200+ talents became worth their main potentials * 1000? I'm not complaining though. (And now: a lot of dots because I don't want the link to screw up...


The Polish Dynasty

  When Tashkent Browncoats decided some 12 seasons ago to gradually move away from TT-ing, the first major rider to come to Tashkent was Jacenty Niezgoda. A seaso...


Hometown Glory

  It's been a while (1,5 years) since Tashkent Browncoats published a PR. While the team has been performing more or less steadily, I personally have been busy wi...


The Last Browncoat Returns

  On day 41, TwoWheelsNoCash confirmed Nestor Bazhenov's move to Tashkent Browncoats for 35.000$. The move raised some eyebrows on the transfer forum, especially ...


Arda makes shock move to Uzbekistan

  Yanik Arda, one of the best downhillers of the last 10 seasons, has surprised friends and enemies with his unexpected move from Iran to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 16...


What a day

  It was a busy day for the Mountains division of the Tashkent Browncoats. The riders were up at seven to prepare for the king stage of the Race of the Minutemen....


Give me hope, Diego

  It was a memorable moment when Diego Azaria raised his arms as he was the first to cross the finish line in Verona-Bolzano G5. Not only because it was his third...


CoN debut for Uzbekistan

  Filip Varushkin of FretexHIBAS was just centimetes away from his first WT victory in the mountains in Veneto, Italy, but his second place secured Uzbekistans fi...


Wild stuff

  I just voted for the OCM awards, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out thatour very own Jacenty Niezgoda is nominated for best downhiller of season 40. I d...


Azaria beats Niezgoda, MRT within reach

  Diego Azaria also wins his second race as a captain, beating his co-captain Jacenty Niezgoda only by seconds in Mechta Bou Adouch. By mounting the two highest s...


Diego Azaria writes history

  In his first race as a captain, Diego Azaria wins Sakleshpur - Charmadi, which means we're now, at 2629 all-time points, the best Uzbek team in history. It also...


The second last Original Browncoat retires.

  Robert Zimnyakov has retired. Now, there is only one active member of the original 15 Browncoats left: Nestor Bazhenov, who currently rides for TwoWheelsNoCash....


What a debut!

  Jacenty Niezgoda just won his first DH race at our team, which means we're only three points away from becoming the best Uzbek team in history! We're very pleas...


Downhill team complete

  With the transfer of Jacenty Niezgoda, we finally have our downhill captain (for way too much money apparently), so we're ready for our downhill adventure! Howe...


Anthony in the dark

  25 April. Anthony Sims has increased a point in hills. He has now got 71 in hills. And this means that he's our first home grown rider to reach an average...


Small mechanical issue

  Do you know that feeling when you're at work IRL on your cargobike, your tire snaps while you're 4 kilometres from the office, and you have to wait for the road...


Restructuring Tashkent Browncoats

  Yelisey Chuprin told me today that he will retire after Chos Malal - Loncopué (WT). It'll be his 50th cap for the NT, which he felt was a good time to finish h...


Another coup in Aberystweth - Llanelli

  Tikhon Kariyev (familytour) came in second in Aberystweth - Llanelli (WT) today, which is great because he is an relatively unknown, not too skilled rider. His ...



  Do you know that joke about how a fifth-division team bought the best Time Trailer ever? Exactly....


Anthony's maxed

  Our first trainee, Anthony Sims, Maxed at 49,125. I'm really happy about this, it's just a shame that he didn't reach dark green. He has already scored us some ...


Fokin Hell

  We are glad to announce that Tashkent Browncoats will sign their first Uzbek (Co) Captain in a few weeks: Aristarkh Fokin will be bought from Cokol Breakaway Te...


The best downhiller ever

  Jeremiah Page is ready to retire. We only bought him recently on the HL, and we were just in time. And even though he hasn't won us anything, we would like to s...


Potius Deficere Quam Desparare

  And off we go to Denmark, for Fast on Wheels. It is the reward for an amazing season,already by far our best (we have almost doubled our previous record in poin...



  I'm on a study trip to Italy, as my teacher thinks my Italian grammar is far below the level it should be (She's right, but what do you exprect from an Uzbek gu...


End of the dry spell and other updates.

  Last Sunday, Samuel Trujillo won Condué Climb (ITT). It was our first victory in more than a season, because the last rider who got us gold was Jens Haugland i...


Retiring a champion

  Season 35 wasn't the best season so far for us, however, for one of us, it was. Yaroslav Morozov returned to us as a team mate for the Giro di Montelbano (which...



Fighting at 12:47 4/4-2021
  Yes and even more expensive. A lot of talents sold + sponsors pushed the prices up :).
  But it is largely due to market decisions, imo.

Tashkent Browncoats at 12:41 4/4-2021
  I am curious tho Alex, you sell a lot of talents. Have you seen prices like this for similar riders?

Tashkent Browncoats at 12:00 4/4-2021
  Scouting has been around forever though, but I don’t remember seeing a rider like this going for 200k. Anyway, thanks :)

Fighting at 09:43 4/4-2021
  When scouting, that you all complain about, became a thing.

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Arpad - New kid on the block
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