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World Tour S49

Written by TEAM BOBYN at 13:02 13/8-2019

  After the euphoria of S48 it was back down to earth for S49. Despite promotion to Division B, Team Ukraine failed to make an impact and found themselves relegated to Div C towards the end of the season. The loss is further compounded by the loss of bright younng hopeful Chernobrovin for the future.
  On the plus side, Tupitsyn was able to replicate his podium finish in the Glasgow-Edinburgh race which bodes well for S50. In addition the Ukraine national side can also now count on the services of two additional Ukrainian team to help bolster the rider pool. But this will b a ling term ambition.
   Top Ukrainian Riders S49
  1st Tupitsyn (Flanders Field) 68pts
  2nd Valevach (FFL) 40pts
    Once again, Well done to the Sanchx and the Latvian's for taking the Comrade Cup !! 
    Many thanks to all team managers for the use of their riders in the World Tour and a special thanks to Rubin BLG (Flanders Field) for Tupitsyn and James M (FFL) for Valevach ! 
    All the best ! 


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ArxhangiiliPoznyakax at 13:00 18/8-2019
  I would also like to note that my team has proudly given 2 riders to the national team :
  David Galkin & Albert Bogomozov
  Keep up the good job Team Bobyn

TEAM BOBYN at 19:31 13/8-2019
  Cheers Mapei ! . This must be Gorokhin ? Looks like an exciting talent - plus with a number of good sprinters we have the NT is also tending towards sprints.

mapei bianchi at 18:52 13/8-2019
  Found this talent a while ago. He could give a boost to your NT if he maxes high.
  CL: None
  DH: Good
  HL: Small
  SP: Incredible
  FR: Small
  CB: Small
  TT: Good
  TQ: Good

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