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Minute Jersey!

Written by Stroopwafel at 10:09 16/4-2018

  And that's jersey number two for Pieter De Vaddere, who won both sprint stages in Race of the Minutemen! Next stop will be Kangaroo Tour, which is no doubt a lot harder due to the playing field. For now however, the season is going very well, with Chris-George Buelens also in tip-top shape.


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Minute Jersey!

  And that's jersey number two for Pieter De Vaddere, who won both sprint stages in Race of the Minutemen! Next stop will be Kangaroo Tour, which is no doubt a lo...


Fast Jersey!

  What a season. We signed up for Fast on Wheels just because we could, but Pieter De Vaddere won a stage AND managed to take home the sprint jersey! Sometimes it...


Magic Man

  Holy cobblestone Batman, this guy is developing into a superhero, one point at a time! BLAM! KAPOW! Magic Gold has increased a point in cobblestone. He has n...


Making Senseo

  Chris-George Buelens planned on maybe busting his top form for Rotterdam Classic and the U23 sprint race a couple of days later. But a random jobber got injured...



  Louis Murnan is in his prime, and today he managed to steal a Tolna - Tolna breakaway victory, his first win ever. While originally hired as a drive-through for...


Trick and Treat

  Magic Gold just won Sheet Harbour GP. No one saw it coming....


Stroopwafel S40

  Everything failed, worst season ever. All trainees maxed early, youth academy delivered nothing, all top forms received a string of off days (while constructive...



  Ewoud Geurtsen had to take a shit. Both canteens (onion soup) and energy bars (chocolate) were used during the race. Maliki Nthala had an off day. Lacina Ba had...


Joost Paschiers Retires

  Legendary Joost Paschiers turned 42 today and he has taken the opportunity to announce his retirement at the end of this season. Today in Riga Streets our birth...


The Seven Year Itch

  Today marks my 7th anniversary on this great game. I planned on maybe writing a massive review of this wild ride, but World Tour statistics take up more than en...


Crummy Boohoo

  Robert Crum is the last (and most expensive) in a series of four sprinting talents that will all remain decent leadouts forever. Granted, he managed to reach hi...



  Another funny result! Our Libyan downhill specialist wasn't captain nor in the breakaway of the day, had double trouble, yet he brought in points 'n' cash. Gonn...


Don't. Just Don't.

  Aaaaaand that's three early maxes in a row. Youth academy rider Nico Panter was shaping up to become a 220p time trialer with hill qualities. AV stopped at 41, ...


Complaining Works

  My past three to four press releases contained nothing but nagging, you know, to blow off some steam about how silly the game is. Deleting them a few hours late...


Pro Potential

  Stroopwafel is currently training three new sprinting talents, first and foremost to potentially improve Ewoud Geurtsen's leadout squad, but who knows what the ...


Mythical Beast

  15 March. Magic Gold has increased a point in sprinting. He has now got 34 in sprinting. 13:27 14 March. Magic Gold has increased a point in flat road. He ...


Magic World

  He's only 6 AV points below the next least talented rider in the World Championships peloton this afternoon, so the planned surprise victory might not be in the...


Season Sabbatical

  Stroopwafel had a great season, manager wise. All tightly scheduled goals were met and the squad is still very enjoyable. The only wins were surprises and fortu...



  Lol, top form + super legs, 7th. We're gonna put ya in the fridge, Geurtsen....



  Ewoud Geurtsen won the youth classification jersey in Nederlandse Tour. End of press release....


Home Sweet Home

  The highlight of Stroopwafel's season is about to start: Nederlandse Tour will be our main goal for many seasons to come, with Ewoud Geurtsen a serious contende...


Ba Ist Wieder Da!

  Lacina Ba (29 years old) had a crash and a mechanical problem today, yet he still managed to finish eighth again, in a pure climbing stage this time. Team St...


Ba Ist Da!

  Gambian windbreaker Lacina Ba scored the very first pro points of his career today. He waited for this really special moment until competing at the highest poss...


Climbing Back

  Stroopwafel sprinters get all the attention and big points, but the team wouldn't have returned to Top Division today if it weren't also for the climbers who ni...


Lappi Happy

  Without pressure but with well timed top form, he friggin' did it! Djibouti cutie Alimayu Morgan won Lappi Sea GP, sixteen (!) seasons since Joost Paschiers (wh...


Zhe Schwedt

  Stroopwafel isn't particularly focused on cobble races, but Lu Zhe gets results here and there anyway, usually supported by technically skilled leadouts. Today ...



Stroopwafel at 11:52 16/4-2018
  Just the start, so not expecting much there, Buelens might captain.

Optimus Prime at 11:10 16/4-2018
  congratz. deserved winner.
  will his tf last till kangaroo?

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