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Error: you should not have used canteens.

Written by Stroopwafel at 11:53 5/5-2015

  Menno van Dalen had an off day. Coby Witherspoon had an off day. Both canteens and energy bars were used during the race. Error.
  (Your team participated in Parma - Ferrara. Menno van Dalen finished 14 th as your best rider. Please roll the dice again.)


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Sick and Tired

  Menno van Dalen's month: 5th May: Menno van Dalen had an off day. 15th May: Menno van Dalen had an off day. 22nd May: Menno van Dalen suffered from a mecha...


What a Weird Season

  All topforms amount to absolutely nothing, Harold Kint being the latest to get zip out of a well planned period (accompanied though by Jégou in Helsinki). The ...


Astana No Way!

  Roan Eylens, our veteran leadout sprinter, has won Astana GP by breakaway!! After so so many tries, at all cobble classics and world championships, the success ...


Tour Tun Oder Nicht Tour Tun

  Das ist hier die Frage. Stroopwafel has a more than decent chance to be in the top 20 once signup for Germany Tour starts. The team is not really built for it, ...


Error: you should not have used canteens.

  Menno van Dalen had an off day. Coby Witherspoon had an off day. Both canteens and energy bars were used during the race. Error. (Your team participated in P...


It's Raining Bronze

  Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper and the addition of other metals (usually tin) and sometimes arsenic, phosphorus, aluminium, manganese, and si...



  Crispin Walraven's goal for his top form period has been reached: by a ONE point margin he took the Bahamas national jersey for now! It probably won't be for lo...


Coby's 99

  Coby Witherspoon's pure sprinting qualities have reached the ultimate high, going from 98 to 99, making him the second active rider (Matvei Beskryostnov from RB...


Trainee Trio

  Stroopwafel currently is developing the minor skills of an exotic mix. None of these riders will become international superstars, but that's okay, we simply lik...


Coby Witherflag

  With his third place in today's Besiktas - Fenerbahce - Galata, Coby Witherspoon has earned just the points he needed to become the shared #1 American rider at...


Lu Zhe

  After only one training session, our latest soon-to-be superstar from Macau has already been selected for the national team. As a cobbler, he will climb Mount A...


København Catastrophe

  Glad I kind of messed up Grasmaaijer's top form for the classics now, because the whole squad had an off day anyway. Except for Witherspoon, who had super legs ...


Cali Brøkaway

  Our six riders for Los Angeles Pursuit were given the most weird diverse tactics ever, with triple captaincy, Grasmaaijer on practice and two lads given all fre...


Bummer Begin

  Menno van Dalen's should-have-been period is an absolute disaster: off days, mechanical problems, zero points, no money. Today was particularly terrible, becaus...


Bummer End

  All the more reason to be glad with the way Coby rode NL Tour: Menno van Dalen unfortunately started his own topform run with a bad day, at Worlds. Next season ...


Silly Solli!

  After his very succesful cycling career many years ago, Peter Solli went into retreat, he even wore an orange dress for a while. But now he's back with Stroopwa...


Coby's Bronze

  Everything according to plan: weird how the tide can turn. Coby Witherspoon took the stage victory in Rotterdam and the 10 bonification seconds were juuust enou...


Turnaround Time

  Fate has shifted once again. With a superb second place in the prologue and a beautiful bronze in the first sprint stage, Coby Witherspoon already can't go wron...


Luck Streak

  These are not our weeks. Apart from Witherspoon's great victory in Sicilia Rotondo, there have been two early maxers and now a high DP injury by a totally unimp...


Benjamin Burps

  It happens. Halvor Benjaminsen's potentials: HL: Very good SP: Very good TQ: Good Resulting in just a 80-79-39, AV44, bummer. Really glad though 60k was...


Nightmare Feature

  Last night I had a horrible dream, I kid you not. OCM had implemented something new: riders could suddenly decease. I saw one of my young captains with a notifi...


Break for the Brøk

  Thor had three off days in his last three races, he'll be taking it easy for a couple of weeks now. Which was planned anyway, but we would've liked to score som...


Massive Micromanagement

  Stroopwafel wants to have three months of topform. Essex Tour hasn't even started yet, but our sprinting squad is about to return from their holiday in Kenya, s...


Thor the Trophy Hunter

  Last season he finished third in Bergen Rundtur, this time around Thor Brøkker did one better, only defeated by Egbert van Asseldonk (who will most definitely ...


Six Tickets to Africa Please

  The following riders are on a month long safari vacation to Kenya (where maybe they'll attend an oral masterclass in sprinting): Gerrit Grasmaaijer, Menno van D...


Dirty Dancing in Denmark

  Wim Lowik (Team AEK) has won Vejle-København for the third time in a row, that's mightily impressive and gets utmost congrats! Our very own Grasmaaijer decided...



V02maXXers at 15:21 5/5-2015
  Not with my cobble team. :P

Opium Fueled at 15:18 5/5-2015
  You still get Top 3s with off days:P

V02maXXers at 14:38 5/5-2015
  I can send you my race reports. It's unbelievable how much I got the last few weeks. My cobble captain got 3 in his last 3 races.

Opium Fueled at 14:34 5/5-2015
  No. I want to see off days, so I can blame that and not my poor managerial skills.

Stroopwafel at 14:14 5/5-2015
  You have points and money, ain't that enough?

Opium Fueled at 12:31 5/5-2015
  I don't have a race report:(

V02maXXers at 12:04 5/5-2015
  Your team participated in Shiraz Tour of the Roses. Wit Buelens finished 3 rd as your best rider. You earned 12.000 $.
  Fidel Viana had good legs during the race. Wit Buelens had an off day. Grover Veitl had super legs during the race. Wincent Lukaszewicz had an off day. Adelino Sá had an off day. Both canteens and energy bars were used during the race. Error. 11:25

Rigana at 11:55 5/5-2015
  Maybe beer with fish and chips would be better?

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Una nueva era
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