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Written by Squiffinator at 16:27 10/1-2017

  After playing this game over 6.5 years, the futility has finally set in. So I'm taking a break for a while, possibly permanently. May release riders, will see.
  Thanks to those who have been friends here and taken an interest.


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New season

  It's a new season... it will be interesting to see if we can progress above div 7....



  After playing this game over 6.5 years, the futility has finally set in. So I'm taking a break for a while, possibly permanently. May release riders, will see....


Egbert and Bret

  On the day that Egbert picked up yet another result this season - his 3rd 2nd place to go along with 3 wins, making him the top ranking rider in Canada with 740...


Egbert Kilebrew picks up 3rd win of the season

  Pretty damn exciting! That's the 4th win for the team this season and Egbert's 7th win of his career, equaling Bret Brunton's career total. With 7 wins in 17 re...


Delmar Jirmann retires

  The journeyman climber retired today, ending the last legacy of climbers on the Squiffinator team. Delmar Jirmann had a distinguished career as a sometimes lea...



  Your next talent will appear in: 4 days 8 hours 25 minutes. Has it really been almost a month since the last disappointment? Okay, he was better than most......



  foreign teams quit DP training canadian riders. if you want to DP train, do it to your own nation riders and leave ours alone. I really wonder why this f-ing bu...


Budding TT team has first win

  Squiffinators team foray into TT racing has finally had it's first victory - Erik Midkiff (riding in an accidental TF) managed to pull off first place in the Ma...


An off day

  wtf?? Egbert Killebrew had an off day. Timothy Neilsen had an off day. Wyatt Doig had an off day. Alfie Varndell had an off day. Carl Hughley had an off day....


Jason Stockford released

  Followers of the Squiffinator Cycling Club were shocked today to learn that 30yo CB specialist Jason Stockford was released outright by the club. "Today Jas...


Jason Stockford up for transfer

  Jason has been listed as available for transfer, but nobody seems interested. Puzzling. Perhaps it's because CB racing is such a specialty managers do not seem ...


Seasons 35 and 36

  Getting so lazy that a season doesn't even get it's own PR. :/ Exec summary - S35 great (2w, 11r), S36 sucked (1w,6r). As usual bobbing up and down betwe...


Season 34 Summary

  With only 6 results all season, probably one of the worse seasons the team has had in quite a while (lowest number of results in over 10 seasons). The one win w...


Season 33 Summary

  Languishing in mediocrity, that is pretty much the status of Squiffinator these days. Season 33 was a very frustrating season, stuck primarily in division 3, wh...


Brunton over the hill?

  In less than 2 seasons, Bret Brunton, easily Squiffinators best ever rider, has gone from top of the world to being lost in mediocrity. After spending a number ...


Timothy Rising retires

  A sad but great celebration occurred today as Squiffinators retired the long-time team leader and captain, Timothy Rising. Timothy Rising Timothy's accom...


Season 32 so far

  Well who would have thought we'd be down in div 3 at this point? Aside from a 2nd place in Haute-Normandie and a win in Luxembourg - Vianden, it's been a bleak ...



  Last race before the only tour I'm in for the season and my captain and main leadout get injuried! Captain will be just back for the tour, but without the benef...


Is my team cursed?

  Yet another race where my leader had an off day. And 2 others injured on top of that. Your team participated in Phoenix GP. Burton Trickey finished 14 th as ...


Luke Pawley retires

  Season 31, Day 59 - journeyman rider Luke Pawley announced his retirement today, effective immediately. Luke has been a long time support rider for the team...


Season 30 Summary

  A disappointing season that saw no wins for the entire season for the first time since season 22. The team has suffered from having too many points, stuck up in...



  Being in div 1 sucks! Brunton can get some results but Hulsey and Trickey are coming up empty. Burton Trickey was in TF and could only manage a 2nd and 3rd plac...


Season 25 Summary

  Another successful season for Squiffinator - the first season to see the team become All-Canadian - saw the team securely positioned in Div 2. This season s...


All Canadian

  Squiffinator made the final step yesterday in releasing Rudolf Dobrzynski to make their squad 100% made up of Canadian riders. The released funds will be used t...


Season 24 Summary

  Season 24 was a breakthrough season for Squiffinator, where the fruits of the rebuilding program started to be shown. The season was fairly ordinary until Day 6...


Double win

  On day 80, season 24 the Squiffinator team pulled off an amazing double win in Calgary Climbs and Cycling Grand Prix of VoersÃ¥, courtesy of brilliant team eff...



Squiffinator at 16:03 17/1-2017
  cheers for the kind words guys.

Team WonderDee at 19:59 15/1-2017
  Hope to see you back soon. Like the way you have played the game.

NightmareChaos at 11:06 13/1-2017
  Good rides and we'll meet again

Squiffinator at 15:51 11/1-2017
  cheers for the support guys. I've been very proud of my team and what I have accomplished. The cobbles battles were definitely the golden years. Have loved the "all-canadian" challenge and have enjoyed watching others take similar approaches. all the best.

Cloud Atlas at 00:18 11/1-2017
  It has been great battling you in the cobbles squiffy, best of luck

AnnoDomini at 00:00 11/1-2017
  I liked your self trained national team - I like when people go harder way and not just buy trained riders (running a self-trained team of only Europeans myself).
  Always a shame when such an experienced manager leaves the game. Hope you will be back.

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