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The Price of Mega-Talents

Written by Spin Doctors at 12:04 18/7-2020

  Here follows some musings about the auction of great talents and specifically talents who are too good....
  For the sake of making my point I'll use the recently auctioned Kenn Beierholm as an example.
  The auction was here:
   CL: None (41)
   DH: None (30)
   HL: None (26)
   SP: None (29)
   FR: None (31)
   CB: None (27)
   TT: None (28)
   TQ: None (27)
   CL: Incredible
   DH: Good
   HL: Average
   SP: None
   FR: Small
   CB: Good
   TT: Incredible
   TQ: Small
  Awesome huh? Absolutely. A generational (or at least seasonal?) talent.
  I think this rider’s potentials are probably too good however, and depending on how he is trained either his TQ,FR,DH,HL or even TT stat will inflating his value despite not adding to his final stat line.
  How will he be trained?
  1) CL, TT, HL, DH, FR, TQ
  2) CL, DH, HL, TT, FR, TQ
  3) CL, DH, TT, FR, TQ, DH
  A closer look.
  Starting points: 239
  Starting average: 29.875
  Maximum post-training points (before TT centre and race training): 419
  Maximal post-training average: 52.375
  Assuming he maxes halfway through each stat (74,84,94) this is how he looks in each best case scenario (180 training points which in itself is a borderline miracle)
  CL 94
  DH 53
  HL 64
  SP 29
  FR 31
  CB 27
  TT 94
  TQ 27
  Fantastic, but DH only got to small and FR and TQ untrained.
  CL 94
  DH 74
  HL 64
  SP 29
  FR 31
  CB 27
  TT 73
  TQ 27
  Again awesome, but how much cheaper would he be if TT was *only* good and TQ and FR were none.
  CL 94
  DH 74
  HL 26
  SP 29
  FR 48
  CB 27
  TT 94
  TQ 27
  HL may as well have been none along with FR and TQ.
  All the best to familytour with the money and Andeby and I hope Kenn Beierholm turns into the monster he was made to be.
  I’m a bit surprised he didn’t go for a little more than 410k given some of the recent trainee prices we’ve seen recently.
  Perhaps this is born out of jealousy that my scouting and talent feature have never yielded someone so good, but I do wonder how much we overvalue these type of talents who inevitably leave some of their potential brilliance in the hutch, constrained by the realities of when riders max.
  I’d be interested to hear how people would train this kind of a rider and whether people think we collectively undervalue trainees with slightly poorer potentials and overvalue the mega-talents.
  To a team with 8 million in the bank so I guess his price is a drop in the ocean!


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The Price of Mega-Talents

  Here follows some musings about the auction of great talents and specifically talents who are too good.... For the sake of making my point I'll use the recen...


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Spin Doctors at 23:02 28/8-2020
  Another too good one - Menno Smibum. Not enough points to max his CB stats even!

Vaduz at 18:02 18/7-2020
  I would have gone for cl - dh - hl - fr - tq. I know leaving TT is tough but he’d win a lot of races as a classic climber vs a one trick volts pony. And you can get TT to 50+ with TT Center. Wonder if he would have been cheaper with TT none

Navarone Cycling Team at 13:02 18/7-2020
  oh like 60% of my comment got ripped off u.u good to see variety of opinions!

Spin Doctors at 12:57 18/7-2020
  I'd got option 3 slightly wrong as had it training HL before FR. I'd go with option 3 myself as that rider would just rake in Volta GC wins. All asssuming a super high max of course!
  It does seem crazy to not train all the climbing stats in a 230+ climber however!

English Sprinting Team at 12:48 18/7-2020
  Personally, I’d go option two as the “safe option”.
  As Navarone says though, you only have to look at the current tour winners and super-Ariuntagalag and it seems a no brainer to train CL-TT/HL/FR personally...
  Time will tell though!

Navarone Cycling Team at 12:19 18/7-2020
  I was about to comment the same but I didn't want to hijack the sale thread ... and I was actually thinking that I would go CL DH HL and then FR, so the benefit from INC TT seems residual and Small would do the same ... and if you go for the "pure" given training, only CL + TT + others gives you a super-Ariuntagalag at best, that's a rider that's kinda niche, to say it softly, while the CL DH HL a

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