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A Roubaix double header

Written by Spin Doctors at 19:20 6/3-2017

  Final preparations are underway for the career-defining trip to Roubaix for Quinn Jaresh and Conan Scogin.
  Extra bar tape and big front chain rings are loaded for Pre-Roubaix and the ultimate cobble challenge at Roubaix Classic.
  Technically the previous biggest success of these riders racing career has been in the marginally less epic Yeovil - Weymouth in which their combined winnings of 6k for a 4th and 6th place will surely be dwarfed by the plaudits that will roll in when they fight each other over the right to lift the famous cobble trophy. Their career earnings combined though are conservatively estimated at 400k, a figure few riders can hope to match.
  Quinn Jaresh when asked to comment said: "It is true that the number of parade races I have been on may outnumber my experience on the cobbles but I feel my career has reached a point at which I can make my mark. It has all been in preparation for this. I am planning to test my legs and use Pre-Roubaix as practice for my real target which is Roubaix Classic."
  Conan Scogin said: "The guys are pumped up to guide me to the velodrome in Roubaix and let me get my hands in the air. I'm prepared to ride into the velodrome alone, though I guess ideally having one lead out like Roger Storkson left would be the ideal scenario." Conan Scogin choked on his coffee when hearing about the aspirations of Quinn Jaresh in Roubaix. "If he won't work for me, that's fine. I'm not sure I need him anyway."
  Both riders laughed at the suggestion that their compatriot Lucas Loudon would represent strong competition. "He just can't match us going downhill, we'll just attack him on the downhill section. He won't see that coming."


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A Roubaix double header

  Final preparations are underway for the career-defining trip to Roubaix for Quinn Jaresh and Conan Scogin. Extra bar tape and big front chain rings are loaded ...


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Spin Doctors at 16:03 10/3-2017
  Dreams crushed!
  Your team participated in Roubaix Classic. Garret Rourke finished 70 thth as your best rider.
  Conan Scogin had good legs during the race. 13:20
  Loudon fell off and was injured trying to catch the Scogin/Jaresh double team going downhill but still burned them on the cobbles riding with one leg. Maybe next season....

AnnoDomini at 11:24 8/3-2017
  Great article! And hey, thye managed to beat 1 non-injured guy, so they were not last - hurray! :-)

PEKAC B at 22:20 6/3-2017
  Probably I should abuse them more. I hardly keep they RS above 70 so they might miss some jobs.

Spin Doctors at 21:47 6/3-2017
  I've got them down to 1% before I think. Perhaps they had a breakaway last season sometime. The story of their careers has been 3 jobs, practice race, 3 jobs repeat with the odd luxury of two practice races between job bouts. They live for it!

Ello Ello at 21:43 6/3-2017
  :), very nice
  @PEKAC I guess because you have all the equipment and stuff your base TS is higher. Alternatively maybe you don't abuse your jobbers enough!

PEKAC B at 21:23 6/3-2017
  Wow, what a captains. I hope they will join our suicidal BA.
  How did you manage so great team spirit? I hardly get below 20% with any of my jobbers.

Spin Doctors at 21:15 6/3-2017
  Yes, if it wasn't for the DH they wouldn't stand a chance!

Anonymous Cycling Project at 20:32 6/3-2017
  That last part :D

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