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18:42 GMT         Day 28 of 90, Season 56    

Scoring despite the beasts

Written by Silenzio at 20:35 23/2-2021

  Great season so far, already better than last one after 16 days.
  Let's just hope we dont have to race Digenova and Zwolinski all season long. Best sprinters of the field should race in Topdivision. Give mister Childers a headache, will you.
  Radics Nandor out.


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Scoring despite the beasts

  Great season so far, already better than last one after 16 days. Let's just hope we dont have to race Digenova and Zwolinski all season long. Best sprinters...


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S55 Review

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Injuries and more

  Worst day in the history of Silenzio! Ouch....


Minor frustrations

  Stepan Grechko has increased a point in technique. He has now got 50 in technique. 13:08 Damn Stepan. -1 on your max AND +$450 trainingcosts! ...


Noise disturbance fine for Van Lieshout

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Second Season (S54)

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Quite a signing

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  Following Tijmens second place in Berdichev-Ozerne Silenzio's worth exceeds 1M for the first time (991 TV + 14 Cash) after 118 days of playing....


Silenzio Sidebetting stops

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Torsten Damm gets lost during local training round

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Universal Soup at 03:45 24/2-2021
  They are coming to get you!

Holwerda Cycling at 20:52 23/2-2021

Silenzio at 20:36 23/2-2021
  Oh damn, even Childers isn't in TD atm!

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