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Second Season (S54)

Written by Silenzio at 22:13 4/11-2020

  Well, I think Silenzio has become yet a bit more reknown in the OCM-realm after the season in which we won our first jersey. Netherlands Tijmen Van Lieshout won the Sprint Classification in Fast on Wheels (division5), claiming 2 stage wins and a second place to ensure it.
  Although my plans through the season are entirely mine, I feel I owe Frank Holwerda and Dustin for advising me through the season. Also big thanks for the active community. For example, I really enjoyed discussing FoW with KrMees and reading all the previews on tours this season! Nick, great job on fixing race engines. Don, great job keeping this community together. Hope you all keep up the good work for this wonderful game :)
  Strenghtened financial position at start of the season
  At the start of the season we had a vast financial injection by two sponsors granting us 100k instantly each. Also, we decided to let some trainees leave the team untrained to free up funds. We decided to let go 190SP-prospect Netherlands Marius Van leeuwen and VG windbreaker-prospect England Lincoln Covenhoven. Two other young riders left the team and have both acquired some results in lower divisions by now. Especially Netherlands Pieter Damen does well now, but also Denmark Torsten Damm.
  Hiring new riders
  Due to our strenghtened financial position we were able to acquire a second captain. 263-SARS Bermuda Driscoll Tiernan joined us from Nefal (150k) to become our FR-captain. Also, 200-SP Romania George Neacsu (90k) settled for a lower salary than he was used to at team dustin and joined the team. For now the Romanian is used as LOSP and was vital for Tijmen in FoW, but he might get his chances in next season to acquire some results himself. Other important signings for the sprint-trains of the team were 69/69 LOSP Portugal Alberto Carreira, 88/52 LOSP and future trainer South Africa Jarvis Gow, and 84-windbreaker and future trainer Scotland Ogilvie Driver.
  We also hired talented youngster Central African RepublicMamadou Kalubi. Other youngsters we signed were merely signed because of their talent to show up on television and parade-races, namely Bulgaria Borislav Kochev and Netherlands Kai Nibbelke.
  Training projects
  Training 200+SP-talent Spain Teo Fonseca was a waste of money. He maxed as a 175-sprinter. He will be used as a 82/58 LOSP though.
  Free scouts from a donation made us hire a 190+HLSP-talent, but we are not sure we will train Central African Republic Mamadou Kalubi, although he has decent sidestats:
  CL: Average
  DH: None
  HL: Average
  SP: Good
  FR: Average
  CB: Small
  TT: Small
  TQ: Small
  Hiring staff
  Just before FoW we decided to hire a bus driver Rafael Oos, to enable us to sign up for races in D5 before promotion to D4 and pick a sufficient number of races for our two captains (Tiernan and Van Lieshout). More important we decided to train our mechanic (Tijmens uncle Boudewijn van Lieshout). Boudewijn is now one of the best mechanics in the world, ensuring a vital 2.3% performance boost to our riders. To even further increase the performances of our riders we hired Jorn Schild, Health Doctor. He followed some extra medical courses at the UMCG-hospital. Now his HE-stat is 75.
  Results season 54
  We had four riders scoring money/points through the season:
  Netherlands Tijmen Van Lieshout: 1 jersey, 4 wins, 7 results, 10 times money. Prize money: 72k. Points: 357.
  Bermuda Driscoll Tiernan: 1 win, 5 results, 10 times money. Prize money: 78k. Points: 326.
  Netherlands Kevin Kolman: 1 result, 1 time money. Prize money: 9k. Points: 40.
  Netherlands Twan Fokkens: 1 time money. Prize money: 0.5k. Points: 0.
  As a team we achieved: 1 jersey, 13 results, 22 times money. Prize money: 159.5k. Points: 723.
  Future Directions
  At current we have two full sprint-trains to our disposal and we can score with two captains. In the next few days we hope to promote to division 3 and from there start recharging our captains to drop a bit again. Next there could be some classics in D4 on the menu at the end of the season, maybe a tour (Minutemen or Giro in D4) as well. If D4 turns out to be to heavy competition maybe another attempt in FoW could be in the mix. Our main focus however will be to acquire enough money to sign a new and younger captain, because our best riders will start to get itchy quite soon. So we might wait for a decent talent from our own talent pool, but also want the liquidity to hire a sprinter from the transfer-forum if a good one becomes available. With only 4 trained riders under 26, we are really looking for some younger guys to strengthen our lines. Good thing is we will have an abundance of trainers shortly, with Driver for FR and Gow for SP most importantly.
  Bermuda Driscoll Tiernan and Netherlands Tijmen Van Lieshout will lead the team for now We feel Romania George Neacsu should be able to find some money in sprintraces as well. We might buy three other cheap U23 born sprinters to have a full squad available to Netherlands Twan Fokkens, who is still eligible for the U23-races the entire season, and might just have the edge by some extra experience.
  Here is the full line up for season 55
  32yo Bermuda Driscoll Tiernan, 263 SARS (FR83 SP71 HL62 TQ47)
  30yo Netherlands Tijmen Van Lieshout, 209 Sprinter
  23yo Romania George Neacsu, 200 Sprinter
  21yo Netherlands Twan Fokkens, 190 Sprinter
  33yo Netherlands Kevin Kolman, 193 Sprinter, 80/53 LOSP
  35yo South Africa Jarvis Gow, 88/52 LOSP
  36yo Scotland Ogilvie Driver, 84-windbreaker and 84/46 LO1
  35yo Iceland Gunnþór Jacksson 81/47 LOSP
  35yo Netherlands Kelvin Bekooy 83/67 LOSP
  28yo Germany Artur Alexander 174 LO--
  34yo England Lynn Bastian 84/45 LOSP
  33yo England Barclay Hughley 73/60 LO2
  25yo Portugal Alberto Carreira 69/69 LOSP
  24yo Spain Teo Fonseca 82/58 LOSP
  21yo Central African Republic Mamadou Kalubi 190+HLSP talent
  We hope to acquire nearly half a million dollars in the new season:
  150k Prize money
  185k Sponsors
  90k Jobs
  25k Merchandise
  450k Income
  Moving to Hungary Hungary
  Maybe the biggest change will be our transition to Miskolc, to become a Hungarian team. We received an offer we couldn't refuse of a local Hungarian businessman. Not that I understood a word he said, but he was waving at me with some precious dollar-bills. It would be really fun to manage their NT!
  We will change our kit in the new season to wear Hungarian colours in S55.
  Over and out
  The Erwinator of Silenzio


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Alpine at 14:33 10/11-2020
  Well done and great summary!

paceuts at 20:02 6/11-2020
  Awesome post, congrats on your great season and best of luck in Hungary!

Goege Team at 07:39 6/11-2020
  Congrats, great season!
  And good luck in season 55, both with your team and your future NT :-)

TallGuysInSpandex at 20:39 5/11-2020
  A very solid team and rise within two seasons, well done! Thank you also for the nice article to read

Universal Soup at 13:20 5/11-2020
  Good season and nice team! Should be able to get and stay in div 3 I think. Have fun with the NT and keep in mind that wind breakers do not get worse when they get older

Silenzio at 11:58 5/11-2020

Silenzio at 11:57 5/11-2020
  In fact my place of birth was in close association with a Hungarian partner-town. I went there to participate in a tabletennis-tournament as a young adolescent. Being a rather untalented tabletennis-player, this was my first and only European competitive sports-adventure. Then again, I mainly went for Hungary because it would open up some choices and would not be starting from a clean

Holwerda Cycling at 11:03 5/11-2020
  Great season, congrats on the jersey and the good results. Hungary? Wow. Any connections before to that country?
  I wonder how Nibbelke will be pronounced there. What a name.

TeamTVM at 09:23 5/11-2020
  Very very good season, congrats !! And very well sound plan for the season to come, good luck !

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