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Stronger Together

Written by Schiavi di Don at 13:11 11/2-2019

  The Famiglia is under siege. Times have never been this dangerous for The Don. In hazardous times, it is of great importance to get yourself some good and trustworthy allies. Unfortunately, they had already sold out. So we decided to side with NATO.


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Chilean Red (Mist)

  After a six-season drought, we finally won a Tour again. Valparaiso wasn't even meant to be visited, but in a 'what the heck' mood after losing Vuelta de los Ca...


Arctic Jersey

  The Don has been expanding his area of influence to one of the northernmost cities in the world over the past few months. Now that he has established a solid ne...


S48: 8 out of 10 cats

  After a few seasons of slow build up, season 48 finally proved to be the time to shine for Il Gatto Rosso. After a very successful tf period, he ended up winni...


Rainbow Retires

  Today is a day of mixed feelings. Orsino Lamattina has decided to retire. He will probably always remain the greatest legend of our team. 'Rainbow' gave us win...


Stronger Together

  The Famiglia is under siege. Times have never been this dangerous for The Don. In hazardous times, it is of great importance to get yourself some good and trus...


Dark Red

  Tobias, our dark defender of the night, has been acting weird as of late. He became even more shy of the light, and started refusing to eat the Don's pasta menu...


A teardrop from Tirana

  From The Don's perspective, life has always been easy. He's grown up in a safe country, he's always had a family that could protect him, he's always had plenty ...



  There will be no season review this season, because our PR Manager has also been injured. Our 10th injury in 40 days....


Butler duties

  'Get me a Pizza Arrabiata and quickly!', the Don screamed at Pippino for the fifth time that day. Once again, there was no response. Pippino was wearing Virtual...


A Fair Warning

  Over the past few seasons our team has received numerous complaints about our public relation strategies. We have often been accused of making public threats to...


Il Gatto Rosso

  Every respectable Mafia-boss needs a cat to accompany him. After a grey one, a white one, a black one, a black-and-white one, and a spotted one, it is now time ...


S42: For the glorious Motherland

  Some seasons are about getting wins, some seasons are about the greater good. The Don decided to avoid doping controls this season by failing to win a single ra...


Dries Kervel disappears during political campaign

  We have tried to keep the news silent, but after some reporters got the smell of a story, we decided to stay ahead of the pack and release the news ourselves. ...


The disappearance of Niccolo

  45 candles were lit on the large cake that stood on the breakfast table. 45 photographs of victims had been attached to a rope and hung accross the ceiling as d...


The Invasion has started

  Saturday the 12th of August, Bratislava. The Don had called us all for a meeting at one of his burger joints called Don Corleone. I arrived early, and knowin...


Birds with Bad Moods

  The Don's office is next to a beautiful garden. Every morning he looks outside and every morning there will be flocks of birds flying around, enjoying life. T...


Life, Planning, and Futility

  After a season of planning for revenge, recharging TF and making sure to be low enough to be able to sign up, Lamattina gets injured in stage 2 of Norway Tour. ...


The Infiltrant uncovered

  Over the past season, The Don started to notice things disappearing. Canteens went missing, secret loads ended up in the wrong place and with the wrong weight. ...


Rainbow has a Rainbow

  Most appropriate bug ever ;)...


Ti amo Firenze

  Love at first sight wasn't something Rainbow was familiar with. He had always been a bit shy and unsure about his feelings. Every time he thought he started to ...


Maffia TF causes OCM to crash

  I think I've found the problem here guys ;)...


Strange feelings

  For a moment, I thought I would never experience it again. It felt out of reach, it felt like I could conquer the world, anything was possible, there are no lim...


Dark times looming

  All three Maffia's are on a job right now. I would almost feel sorry for the world....


The Master Plan Unravels

  The Don has looked very pleased with himself over the last few days, and knowing him, that's not a good thing. At first it looked like he had some kind of new ...


S37: Busy

  While our previous seasons had seen a relatively constant flow of Press Releases, this season has had only one so far, despite a lot of things happening. The Do...


Winning against all the odds

  Is not what we did in Volta. Ever since we signed up, the OCM community tried to jinx our performance by calling us big favourites. This made The Don incredibl...



Schiavi di Don at 14:03 11/2-2019
  The Don doesn't like to use Car's for his weapons

Universal Cycling at 13:56 11/2-2019

Universal Cycling at 13:56 11/2-2019
  Not ebough Kratozologiminatakou 47s?

Team Chili at 13:14 11/2-2019

Other Team's Press Releases
Geovanni Iaconzzo 'smuggled' back to Italy
  Due to new trade bans and further uncertainty about trade relationships we see no other option than to let Geovanni Iaconzzo go. The ugly, bald casanova will mo...


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