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Ile de Beauté alpine-race description

Written by Sasol Leeus at 18:32 23/11-2021

  Have written up a race description for "Ile de Beauté alpine" - a third devision race that I had the honor to design quite a while back! It's currently up for votes on the OCM-HD page. Read, enjoy and vote!


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Ile de Beauté alpine-race description

  Have written up a race description for "Ile de Beauté alpine" - a third devision race that I had the honor to design quite a while back! It's currently up for ...


Talk about a Work-Horse

  We are pleased to confirm that Dany Kiyimi has let Sasol Leuus' management know, that he will keep on racing at least a year longer! He could have safely retire...


It's a team's sport after all

  We don't want to say, that our Norway campaign was an unmitigated disaster, but it came pretty close. In essence, the tour became a race against bad luck right ...


Season 56 Recap

  There has been quite a lot happening around Sasol Leeus this latest season! Forst starters, all of the trio of talent that are the African crown-jewel Balin...


Virtual road-trip with the Leeus!

  As you know, our managers love dreaming up new race-designs every now and then. This time they have pushed it further than any before. What they came up with is...


First millennial!

  Our very own Matthew Koech has just secured a 2nd Place Finish in the 44th edition of Vejle - Hejnsvig - Vejle and has thus won us our first ever crossing of th...


Matthew makes history

  Happy days and good vibes only around team headquarters and training grounds as Matthew Koech writes team history! The long-term Kenyan champion has nor drawn e...


National Colours for Koech

  Everyone here at Sasol Leeus is truly proud of our very own Matthew Koech these days after he has earned the privilege of wearing his nation's colors in OCM-tou...


Rumors: an Eritrean champion on the run?

  This morning, the South African newspaper the Cape Argus published a story about the main star of Sasol Leeus possibly opting for the Rico Weiss option. This wo...


Madiba 100 - A Special Jersey for a Special Season

  With a bit of a delay, Sasol Leeus have managed to find a designer ready to design them a new team jersey for a bargain! Although the event already happened ...


New African talent is like raw diamonds

  What rumor in the bushes already had is now to be confirmed. Habib Kalissani who was recently occasionally seen in the lions den the teams Cape Town head quarte...


Weiss to leave for one last contract in cycling

  It is official. Rico Weiss is eager to leave Sasol Leeus for what will be his last contract in professional cycling, at 39. However, he is extremely experienced...


Reshaping the Future. Time for a new Generation

  Ahhhh. I've missed this. Finally, after a long year of misfortune, that has just flown by in a whist of time, the Sasol Leeus management could get active again....


  Pretty much summing up the season thus far.. nough said.. Your team participated in Perm Parade. Rico Weiss finished 12 th as your best rider. Birhan Kigen ...


Season 37

  Chosen a quote of the season for the first time ever. We love sprinting. It is fun, it is mental. ...


How did this happen?!

  Momentarily second in the ZA rankin! Mightily proud, but still feels like majesty insult to teams like nonnies. Just enjoying our moment in the sun but are cont...


Prime Time!

  After all those season with much effort but little outcome the time has finally come to reap the rewards! Fair enough, its not our first time in Div. 3 but the ...


The Leeus roar in America!

  Season 36 saw our pride of lions take on the Race of the Minutemen for the first time ever. And it couldn't have turned out better for us! After Rico Weiss' vic...


A perfect start & Getting ready for the US

  What a sweet season thus far season 36 has proven for us! Kigen is (finally) living up to the high expectations we had. Three victories, a second and a third pl...


Season Sum-Up

  After the disappointing season 34 season 35 looks like a modest success. With 8 results including 2 victories the Leeus brought home exactly twice the results o...


Kigen, a lost season, a new hopeful a new future

  Season 34 was one to forget for Sasol Leeus. A season that turned out to be somewhere between high hopes and a way more mediocre and disappointing reality. Inst...


Weiss claims victory in Baltimore Invitational Classic

  Its Weiss' third victory this season; and its the first victory in a Classic in his career. By doing so, he increased his lead in the Germany Tour Ranking and b...


German Champ!

  Rico Weiss takes over the German national leader's jersey from an other German rider well known at Sasol Leeus, Denis Köster. It is the first time in the team'...


Culvert Roberts now a Leeu

  Culvert Roberts, a South African legend, joined Sasol Leeus a few days ago. The 31 year old rider who spent his entire career with South African teams and raced...


Leeus within continents top 10!

  season 32 just might become Sasol Leeus' most successful one so far. We have made it to division D for the first time and managed to hold it for quite some whil...


Jersey Redesign

  Today the Sasol Leeus' officials together with Sasol's CEO have presented the new redesigned racing jersey at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. It still mentains...



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