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Hall of Fame Update

Written by Rigana at 04:30 13/1-2018

  To appear in the Rigana hall of fame you have to either win a tour jersey/classic trophy (Palmares) and/or have 10 wins. In addition a minimum requirement of 20 results is needed. These criteria must be met while being in the Rigana team. Records marked with *
   Carmine Damiano 3 Palmares* /13 wins/39 results*.
   Palmares - TvA GC, Turnai-Turnai, Antwerpen-Huy. Other teams, 2 wins/8 results.
   Douglas Crawford - 1 Palmares/18 wins*/33 results.
   Palmares - Perm SC. Other teams 1 win, 6 results.
   Ric Expositi - 0 Palmares/12 wins/27 results.
   Our latest entry after winning Tronheim ITT for the third consecutive time. Only
   disappointment to date is having failed to win a palmares.


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Hall of Fame Update

  To appear in the Rigana hall of fame you have to either win a tour jersey/classic trophy (Palmares) and/or have 10 wins. In addition a minimum requirement of 20...


Garcilaso wins Vejle-Kobenhavn

  His 2nd classic win. Great result....


Expositi excels

  Five TT wins this season, as well as 2nd in Cymru GC, all without TF. Competitors may be pleased to know he is recharging to give Cymru a full go next seaso...


4th Marseille-Nice win

  First team to 4 wins. Seems to be a team favourite. Unfortunately back in div 1 for the 101st time (Just call us team yoyo)....



  In Lyon in rl (on holiday) while my team races the Criterium Lyon....


Bento up to 10 wins

  The latest at Shiraz Tour of Roses, which he has won before in S37....


S37 Pretty Good

  4 victories,13 results, 1810 points. Div 1 position 37 at season end. Garcilaso had a breakthrough season with 1 classic victory and 9 results (3rd in NL tour ...


Garciloso victory in Classic

  Garciloso chose Helsinki GP to earn his first victory. Not a bad way to tick the victory column....


Bento up to 8 wins

  Shiraz Tour of Roses. Second victory of the season for Bento and 8th in his career to date....


Schouten Surprise

  Lancashire. First race as captain. Victory. Impressive....


Good and Bad News

  Bento broke our win drought by earning victory in Route van de Deltawerken. Our big talent hope, Munoz, maxed early....


Garcilosa 3 X 3

  Current trainee Garcilosa has picked up 3 podiums this season and is still in training. Promising. ...


S36 Poor

  Our 2nd worst season ever, despite several top forms. It was a season of transition, so let's see what S37 brings....


Good legs no good

  Tyson Fish captain and good legs managed 14th at Mito-Tokyo. Never had an outside top 9 for a captain with good legs. Nothing went wrong except the result....


Off Day Party

  Yallop has managed an off day or mechanical for every stage of TvA and Haute-Normandie so far....


SA & OZ National Jerseys

  Fish and Yallop both dressed up at the moment. ...


Fish back in Nat Jersey

  Probably for the last time in his career....



  In the last 10 races wins stand at zero. However, the team has managed 8 top 9`s + two podiums. Unusual as the team`s history shows more victories than other...


Hall of Fame Update

   To appear in the Rigana hall of fame you have to either win a tour jersey/classic trophy (Palmares) and/or have 10 wins. In addition a minimum requirement of 2...


Yallop wins Jersey

  A 4th jersey was added to the closet after Toby won the Haute-Normandie YC. He also just missed out on the GC....


Merry Christmas

  Wishing everyone a wonderful day. Remember it is not what is under the Christmas Tree that counts, but rather who is around it....


Yallop goes red

  Time to see how good he is....


S34 Bento

  Bento made the season with 4 wins and 8 results. The rest of the team added a further 5 results. A decent season, finishing back in div 1 with 1748 pts. A je...


Bento Brilliant

  His latest win at Route van de Deltawerken takes Jordao to 4 wins and 6 results for the season. Considering he maxed well below his potential he seems to hav...


Volta Review

  Bento came within 4pts of securing the team's 2nd SC jersey. A valiant effort with 2 x wins, a 2nd and a 4th in the sprint stages....



  S26 win with Roberts, 8 seasons gap, S34 win with Bento. Nice performance, and the season is already showing some promise....



Super Velo at 16:15 15/1-2018
  I suppose you could just call them trophies / jerseys I guess. lol. That would limit confusion and the need to describe jersey and classic trophy as being a palmares. lol That would make things a bit easier. However, its a free world and you can refer to "palmares" as being anything you want. Since I don't have many I just include the trophy in with the wins instead of counting it 2 times. :)

Rigana at 01:59 15/1-2018
  Tx. Is there a more appropriate word?

Super Velo at 22:12 14/1-2018
  No problem. Sometimes I go over board with my explanations. don't mean anything by it. My "palmares"in ocm are pitiful. My teams have one "of your plamares trophy" and no jerseys. However if I count the wins as palmares then I have 51 in 26 seasons in the game. lol Which isn't that great either. I'm not sure but I think the french word palmares means victories in english...

Rigana at 19:38 14/1-2018
  Tx Super Velo. My definition might be wrong but a palmares in ocm for me is a classic or tour cat win. It should be difficult to get into the hall.

Super Velo at 16:33 14/1-2018
  Not trying to beat a dead horse in to the ground but this is the definition of a "plamares." a record of achievements
  à son palmarès [victoires] under one’s belt ? to one’s name
  Il compte 25 victoires à son palmarès. He has 25 wins under his belt. ? He has 25 wins to his name.

Super Velo at 16:31 14/1-2018
  Isn't a win considered a Palmares? It doesn't matter what race was won. Palmares are the name for a cyclists wins, including tour category wins. It's not just a jersey or classic trophy. Take a look at the Eddie Merckx wiki. They list all 525 of his Professional Palmares. If you counted wins as a riders palmares it might be easier for them to get into your HOF. lol

Rigana at 04:06 14/1-2018
  Min requirement is 20 results. He has 18. Getting close.

AusGo at 23:30 13/1-2018
  What about Garcilaso?

Rigana at 13:55 13/1-2018
  Tx. Had it for a while. Been a good few seasons since my last rider made the list.

Team Chili at 11:11 13/1-2018
  Cool idea

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