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A momentous event to mark an uneventful season

Written by Pterodromae Cahow at 22:33 18/6-2017

  His arrival could not have been more momentous. 475k was the price that Pterodromae Cahow paid to bring Egil Horridge back to Bermuda, and everybody was expecting him to live up to that price tag. It did not go as planned. Horridge was unable to handle the enormous pressure put on his shoulders and began his career as a Storm Petrel with a flurry of offdays. As their new captain struggled, Pterodromae Cahow dropped out of the second division and the team looked set for a very disappointing season. Fans even started nicknaming their floundering star Egil Horrible. Little did they know things were about to change.
  After a third place in America finally got Horridge off the mark, his confidence picked up and he would go on to have an amazing second half of the season. Where previously it had seemed as if he had nothing but offdays, Horridge suddenly rode race after race with good legs. His streak of five results got the Storm Petrels back to the second division and got Horridge the respect he deserves. Even so, the critics kept wondering: was it all or nothing with Horridge? Good legs or offdays? And would he be able to get results without good legs in a stronger division?
  The critics would find out in Season 40. Horridge managed to shatter even the high expectations that were there when he arrived by racking up no less than eight results in the second division. Horridge made sure that the Storm Petrels would be able to retain their status as a division 2 team, which is all the more impressive considering there was no longer a hill team to bring in some more points. On top of all else, Horridge managed to secure the much-coveted Ugly Jersey, the prize for being Bermuda's Toughest Rider Of The Season. Although there were very few special events in Horridge's races, the season could not have gone better.
  And now this uneventful season is capped off by a momentous event. The TROTS of Bermuda was rewarded for his performance by receiving an award for Best rider outside of top division. Few turnarounds could be greater than going from Egil Horrible to Best rider outside of top division in a season and a half. And he didn't even need his good legs.


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A momentous event to mark an uneventful season

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  Awesome stuff as usual. :)

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