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Greg Milner

Written by PRS at 09:20 9/6-2018

  Greg Milner the stalwart of team PRS is retiring today after 14 years with the team. His departure leaves a massive hole but a huge opportunity within the team with a leaders and captains position up for grabs.
  Gregs peak came early with taking the sprint jersey in the Race of the Minute Men in his third season and also a 5th in Fast on wheels in his 6th season. His complete palmares is:
  Wins: 13
  Seconds: 16
  Thirds: 7
  Other Top Tens: 56
  Best OCM Ranking - 332nd in season 36 with 310 points
  Total OCM Points 2881
  Races for National Team: 7
  PR Manager Conrad Draughon


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Greg Milner

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